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Dr. Yvonne Luo

Eye surgeon and consultant

Specialist in Ophthalmology with a focus on vitreoretinal and medical retinal conditions. Offering a glasses-free life to patients through expert care.

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13International Awards

Getting to know Yvonne

Yvonne Luo is an accomplished and highly skilled eye surgeon who brings her exceptional expertise to the esteemed team at My-iClinic in London.

With a stellar background in ophthalmology and a commitment to delivering the highest standard of eye care, Yvonne is a valuable asset to the clinic.

Yvonne’s dedication to patient well-being, coupled with her innovative approach to eye care, ensures that individuals seeking top-tier ophthalmological services at My-iClinic receive comprehensive and compassionate care, underpinned by the latest advancements in the field.

Her presence at the clinic reinforces its reputation as a leading centre for cutting-edge eye treatments and personalised patient care in the heart of London.


    Complex Cataract Surgery
      Medical Retinal Conditions
      • Age-related macular degeneration
      • Diabetic retinopathy
      • Retinal vein occlusion
      Vitreoretinal Conditions
      • Floaters
      • Macular hole
      • Epiretinal membrane
      • Retinal detachment
      • Vitreous haemorrhage
      2004 - 2006
      The royal college of ophthalmologistsMRCOphth
      1999 - 2003
      university ouf Cambridge
      MRCOphthMB BChir, Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery

      Yvonne’s education journey

      Dr. Yvonne Luo’s academic journey is marked by rigorous training and distinguished accomplishments from world-renowned institutions.

      Her educational background stands as a testament to her dedication and unwavering commitment to the field of ophthalmology.

      Beginning with an honours degree in pharmacology from the prestigious University of Cambridge, she went on to earn further accolades and expertise in medicine, surgery, and specialised eye treatments.

      Each educational milestone has shaped her into the expert eye surgeon and consultant she is today, ensuring her patients receive the highest standard of care backed by in-depth knowledge and experience.

      This highlights the personal nature of her academic accomplishments.

      Training & Clinical RolesConsultant Ophthalmologist, Cataract and Vitreoretinal Surgeon
      • My-iClinic
      • Hospitals, Ashford
      • Benenden Hospital

      Expert eye care at your service

      Expertise and Skillset

      With years of specialised training, Dr. Luo brings unmatched expertise in managing a broad spectrum of eye conditions, ensuring that patients receive the best care tailored to their individual needs.

      Cutting-Edge Techniques

      Dr. Luo remains at the forefront of the latest advancements in ophthalmology. By consulting with her, patients gain access to the most recent and effective treatment methodologies.

      Personalised Care

      Beyond her technical skills, Dr. Luo is known for her compassionate and patient-centric approach. She takes the time to understand each patient's unique concerns, ensuring they feel heard and cared for.

      Holistic Approach

      Dr. Luo doesn’t just treat the eye condition – she looks at the overall health and well-being of her patients, ensuring that all aspects of their visual health are addressed.

      Collaborative Network

      Given her esteemed reputation, Dr. Luo collaborates with other top specialists in the field, ensuring that patients have a comprehensive team of experts attending to their needs when required.

      Educational Insight

      Patients not only receive treatment but also get educated about their condition, preventive measures, and the best care practices, ensuring long-term eye health.

      In the media

      Dr. Yvonne Luo explains retinal detachment

      As an esteemed expert in the field of ophthalmology, Yvonne frequently shares her insights and knowledge with the public.

      Watch her in-depth interview where she answers pressing questions about retinal detachment.

      Questions covered in the interview
      • What is retinal detachment?
      • What are the different types of retinal detachment?
      • What causes retinal detachment?
      • What are the warning signs of a detached retina?
      • Does retinal detachment happen suddenly?

      Achievements & Beyond the Clinic

      Yvonne’s personal intrests

      In earlier education I achieved a Grade 8 Distinction from Royal College of Music in piano.

      I have a passion for mountaineering and have climbed Mt Kenya (5000m) and Mt Sinai in Africa, the Franz Joseph Gacier in New Zealand, and Mt. Ali (2000m) in Taiwan.

      Reports MRI Brain Scans

      Reports MRI Brain Scansin Two Patients with the Argus II Retinal Prosthesis. Bloch, E., Luo, Y.H.-L., daCruz, L

      Research award

      NIHR Biomedical Research Centre for Ophthalmology travel grant, Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO)

      And 12 more

      Your eyesdeserve it.

      World-class eye care with Yvonne Luo at My-iClinic in London.

      Trust in Yvonne`s exceptional skills and commitment to excellence, and take the first step toward achieving optimal eye health and visual clarity.

      Whether you're seeking treatment for...
      • Retinal detachment
      • Floaters
      • Macular hole
      Yvonne Luo
      PhD Clinical ophthalmology
      Award winner Consultant and Surgeon
      Your eyes deserve the best, and Yvonne is here to provide it.
      0208 445 8877

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