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Keratoconus is a progressive eye condition that affects the development of your cornea (the outer layer of your eyes). Rather than your eye growing in a normal sphere shape, those with Keratoconus develop a cone-shaped cornea that progressively thins, causing a bulge to form on the eye.
This can make it very difficult for the eyes to focus. People who have keratoconus may experience blurry vision, headaches, inflammation in their cornea, frequent changes with their prescription glasses, glares or halos around lights and increased sensitivity to light.
We can provide you with our cross-linking treatment which is the most effective surgical treatment to manage your keratoconus symptoms with our cornea specialist.

Understanding your

When you arrive for a private consultation you will meet our friendly technician team who will guide you through some eye assessments to measure the thickness of your cornea and check the general health of your eyes.
Our eye assessments take around 1 hour which will inform your specialist of any cornea changes you have experienced and at what progression this may change in the future.
Our cornea specialist will carry out a corneal typography which measures the curve of your cornea to work out how much astigmatism (impaired eyesight) you have.
They will also measure the thickness of your cornea and If you have already been using keratoconus glasses or hard contact lenses to help correct your sight, it is most likely that you will be suitable for our cross-linking treatment to strengthen the corneal tissue.

Kerataconus treatment and cross-linking surgery

The initial treatment for Keratoconus is glasses. However, if the condition worsens, your opticians may suggest hard contact lenses to help correct your sight.
These lenses tend to be thicker and heavier than the soft kind and can also cause your vision to be distorted when you are looking through the edge of the lens.
Despite this, they provide a more even shape to your cornea, which helps improve your ability to focus.
If you are prescribed lenses, you may find that you have to change your glasses frequently. This is because the condition causes your cornea to be thinner and more flexible.

What is minimally invasive corneal cross-linking surgery?

Our specialists may consider corneal cross-linking as the best treatment to help improve your Keratoconus condition. Cross-linking surgery strengthens the collagen fibres in your cornea to prevent your keratoconus from worsening.
Our cornea surgeon uses special eye drops and ultraviolet A(UVA) light to help the damaged tissue in your cornea grow stronger.
This procedure stops the bulge of your eye from getting any worse as it adds special bonds that work like support beams to help the cornea strengthen.
What is minimally invasive corneal cross-linking surgery?

Why you should consider cross-linking at My-iClinic

Eliminating invasive surgeries

Cross-linking is an early surgical intervention which decreases the chance of needing invasive corneal surgeries in the future to prevent the eye from being at risk of blindness.

Keratoconus Glasses and Contact Lenses are used to help you see once your keratoconus has affected your vision. However, keratoconus glasses and contact lenses do not prevent the condition of keratoconus from getting worse.

This is why cross-linking is used as an early surgical intervention to treat the condition before it progresses any further.

A minimally invasive treatment

Cross-linking is a minimally invasive surgery which means your eye health is better protected against other future corneal procedures which require larger incisions.

Invasive surgeries can cause more complications with a longer recovery period whereas a minimally invasive surgery is easier and safer with a shorter recovery period.

Long term improvement

Your natural vision will be better protected. Keratoconus is a condition that worsens overtime and can cause a risk of blindness in the future.

You may achieve a visual improvement in your sight, although visual improvements are not the success of corneal cross-linking surgery.

Cornea transplant at My-iClinic

A cornea transplant (often known as Keratoplasty or a corneal graft) is a surgery we offer to protect the eyes from severe cases of progressive Keratoconus.
If your case of keratoconus worsens, it is likely that you will become intolerant to visual aids such as: glasses and/or contact lenses.
Our cornea specialist will be able to assess whether a corneal transplant will be a suitable treatment and will remove the damaged area of your cornea, replacing this with donor tissue.
A corneal transplant can significantly reduce the risk of vision loss and improve the health of your eyes for improving vision.
A better quality of life is just around the corner!