Astigmatism & Vision Correction Treatment In London

Correcting your Astigmatism with Vision Correction Treatment

Astigmatism in children and adults

Astigmatism is a condition which causes blurry vision. Astigmatism develops when the shape of your eye (your cornea or lens) isn’t perfectly round.
This means the light which your eye needs to perceive clear vision bends in the wrong way and refracts in multiple directions, leading to distorted sight and blurry vision.
If you currently wear glasses and/or contact lenses and are still experiencing blurry vision, you may have irregular astigmatism, which can be permanently corrected by our vision correction procedures.

Diagnosis and vision correction for astigmatism

If you or your child is experiencing the following symptoms, you may be experiencing astigmatism:
  • Blurry, distorted vision
  • Squinting to see objects in the distance
  • Difficulty seeing at night
  • Seeing glares and/or halos around lights
  • Headaches, eye strain & eye fatigue
  • Changes in your prescription glasses
We offer a private consultation with our ophthalmologist to check the health of your eye, your prescription and to advise on a suitable treatment for astigmatism that can correct your astigmatism and prevent any further vision loss.
15-minute free consultation with our expert.

What is included in my private consultation?

A private consultation with our ophthalmologist is an all-inclusive cost of £200
This includes:
  • A comprehensive consultation with your dedicated ophthalmologist (inclusive of all eye assessment and eye scans)
  • A medical diagnosis of your eye condition with treatment planning
  • A signed prescription (if required) and/or vision correction treatment planning
  • A dedicated eye care team to support you throughout your eye care journey
  • A scheduled astigmatism treatment date to be free from astigmatism without needing glasses and contact lenses

Eye assessments & vision correction options for treating Astigmatism

If you wear hard contact lenses, we advise you not to wear these for a minimum of two weeks (including a week for every decade you have worn hard contact lenses) before your consultation.
This is to make sure the cornea of your eye is ready for measurements to be taken accurately.
Our eye assessments & scans include a Keratometry test, a visual acuity test, a refraction test and any additional scanning required to accurately measure the shape of your cornea, the axial length of your eye and your prescription.
These assessments will check the health of your eye and your suitability for our vision correction procedures:
ReLEx SMILE: Correcting vision for ages 21-39
Presbyond: Correcting vision for ages 40+
LASIK, LASEK, PRK & PTK: correcting vision for all ages unsuitable for ReLEx SMILE or Presbyond laser eye surgery and/or with an existing, complicated eye condition.

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Our options available

Astigmatism treatment
for children

Our children’s paediatrician will carry out comprehensive eye assessments to diagnose the cause of your child’s astigmatism.
Astigmatism may be present on its own but is typically associated with Myopia. or Hyperopia.
Children with myopia (nearsightedness) or hyperopia (farsightedness) are more likely to have astigmatism.
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