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LASEK, PRK & PTK Laser Eye Surgery London

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LASEK & PRK surgery is chosen very occasionally and in very special scenarios to correct conditions such as short-sightedness (Myopia), long-sightedness (Hyperopia) and astigmatism.
Our PTK laser eye surgery is an alternative vision correction treatment for people who want independence from glasses but also suffer from an injury on their cornea. If you have any corneal injuries, or corneal eye diseases you might be suitable for our PTK laser surgery to correct your vision.
As laser eye surgery must be tailored to each patient’s prescription with complete accuracy, our laser specialists use precise algorithms to program the laser to help you see clearly without glasses or contacts.

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LASEK (Laser Assisted Epithelial Keratomileusis) and PRK (Photorefractive keratectomy) are almost identical vision correction procedures.
LASEK & PRK eye surgery only differ in how our laser specialists remove different layers of the cornea. In LASEK eye surgery, the top layer of cells is simply moved to one side and replaced after surgery, whereas the PRK surgery removes them completely.
Both LASEK and PRK surgery procedures use a laser to reshape the tissue on the surface of the eye to achieve clear vision.
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What is PTK and how is it different to other types of laser eye surgeries?

PTK (Photo-Therapeutic Keratectomy) is a type of laser eye surgery used to treat various corneal surface problems, such as corneal dystrophies, corneal scars, recurrent corneal erosions, and superficial corneal irregularities. Unlike procedures like LASIK, LASEK, or PRK, PTK is not primarily intended to correct refractive errors like myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism, although it may have some effect on vision in certain cases.

If you do not require PTK medically, it is most likely that our other laser eye treatments are suitable for you such as: our ReLEX SMILE, Presbyond and LASIK treatment.

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