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Conjunctivitis Treatment London

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Treat your conjunctivitis symptoms today with our specialist

If you have conjunctivitis (also known as ‘Pink Eye’), having the correct diagnosis is essential before treating and managing your symptoms.

Conjunctivitis Consultation

When you visit our clinic, we use our special imaging technology to carry out in-depth eye assessments to capture the health of your eyes, particularly the surface of the conjunctiva.
Our friendly technicians will guide you through these easy assessments to appropriately diagnose your conjunctivitis before meeting your ophthalmologist.
In your private consultation, your ophthalmologist will talk you through your diagnosis and conjunctivitis treatment.

Conjunctivitis consultation

What is included in my
private consultation?

A private consultation with our ophthalmologist is an all-inclusive cost of £200
This includes:
  • A comprehensive consultation with your dedicated ophthalmologist (inclusive of all eye assessment and eye scans).
  • A medical diagnosis of your eye condition with treatment planning.
  • A signed prescription to ease your conjunctivitis symptoms.
  • A dedicated eye care team to support you throughout your eye care journey.

Conjunctivitis Treatment

Our ophthalmologist can provide different antibiotics to treat conjunctivitis, depending on the cause of your condition. If you have conjunctivitis, having the correct diagnosis is essential.

Bacterial conjunctivitis

Bacterial conjunctivitis

Our ophthalmologist will prescribe a short course of antibiotic drops and monitor your eyes until your conjunctivitis is successfully eliminated.

Viral Conjunctivitis

Viral Conjunctivitis

Our ophthalmologist can make viral conjunctivitis symptoms more comfortable for you with lubricating conjunctivitis eye drops.

These eye drops will help remissen your symptoms while the body removes the virus.

Allergic Conjunctivitis

Allergic Conjunctivitis

Allergic conjunctivitis is best treated by avoiding the causative allergen, but if that is not possible, then our ophthalmologist will prescribe anti-allergy drops such as antihistamine.

Relieve your symptoms with treatment for conjunctivitis

If you are experiencing conjunctivitis, our specialist team will book a private consultation.