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Join My-iClinic in bridging the digital divide and enhancing healthcare through education.

The London Retina treatments

Project overviews

Technology empowerment

Technology empowerment

Our contributions in technology are reshaping educational experiences for Nigerian students, fostering a digitally empowered future.

Health education and practices

Health education and practices

Efforts to improve healthcare practices and antibiotic stewardship in Nigeria, leading to healthier communities.

Community development

Community development

We are committed to merging Education and Healthcare to nurture Autonomy and Self-Reliance.

How antibiotic resistance spreads

How antibiotic resistance spreads

The clock is ticking

By 2050, AMR could cause a death every 3 seconds if unaddressed. The clock is ticking

Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) is not just a distant threat; it’s a looming global crisis that demands immediate and concerted action. The projection of one death every three seconds by 2050 due to AMR underscores the need for urgent intervention. Our commitment to education, healthcare innovation, and global collaboration is more critical now than ever. By understanding the risks and taking proactive steps, we can collectively work towards a safer, healthier future. This challenge is immense, but together, we have the power to change the course of this potential crisis.

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Impact beyond borders

How we help

At My-iClinic, our mission extends beyond eye care. Delve into our initiatives in Nigeria, where we empower communities through technology, education, and improved healthcare practices.

Experience the meaningful impact of our initiatives and meet the people whose lives are being transformed through our efforts.

  • Technology in Education
  • Healthcare Awareness Programs
  • Community Empowerment Initiatives
Celebrating 20 years of impact in Lagos - Nigeria
Bloa’s statement goes here

Bloa’s statement goes here

For two decades, my mission has been to boost health education by equipping communities with computers. It’s a privilege to serve and witness the transformative power of knowledge.

John’s statement goes here

John’s statement goes here

Spending 20 years contributing computers for health education has been a profound journey. Each device sent out is a step towards empowering individuals with essential knowledge.

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