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What is myopia

Myopia, also known as ‘shortsightedness’, is where the eye grows too long, causing your distant vision to become very blurry
As the eyes continue to abnormally elongate, the retina is stretched over a greater length. This means the light comes to a focus in front of the retina and glasses or contact lenses are required to see.
he more the eye elongates the greater the risk of irreversible loss of vision later in life. This is why the prevention of myopia (shortsightedness) is very important. Myopia has become much more prominent among children to the point where it is now considered a pandemic. More children are becoming myopic and the myopia is more severe.

Myopia lifestyle

Bringing your child’s indoor lifestyle into the outdoor environment. The more we continue our lifestyle inside without natural light, we risk progressing our myopia.
Your child’s lifestyle plays a very important role in their everyday eyesight and for their future sight.
To prevent and mitigate the risk of myopia, we encourage a change in lifestyle by bringing your child’s everyday activities outdoors.
Our Myopia specialist, Dr. Bolger will provide you and your child with material to recommend these lifestyle adjustments when visiting our Myopia control clinic.
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Myopia research

Our Myopia specialist, Mr. Bolger has been treating children and adults with myopia (nearsightedness) and hyperopia (farsightedness) for the past ten years.
During these years, he has noticed a rapid progression of myopia in young children, aged as little as 3 years old.
His research has identified that natural daylight is essential for our eyes to develop naturally, without the eye needing to compensate its natural and normal shape. The longer the axial length of a child's eye, the more difficult their vision becomes.
The purpose of monitoring and preventing the growth of your child's axial length is to make sure their vision in the future is saved and they will not experience blindness.

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Myopia treatments?

Lifestyle changes, atropine eye drops and careful, continuous monitoring of your child's myopia are all effective in treating your child's myopic condition.
Our 0.01% and 0.05% atropine eye drops can be prescribed by our myopia specialist to prevent your child's eye from elongating and remission the symptoms of worsening vision.
However, our atropine treatments are most effective when lifestyle changes are made by changing our day-to-day indoor activities into the natural daylight.
It is not a question of finding a ‘cure’ for myopia, it is a question of allowing our future children to live in an environment that is close to nature, natural light.This allows your child's eyes to naturally develop and stop the condition of myopia in the first place. Leave the eye alone and it will be perfect.This concept is not only true for myopia but for many of the climate crises we are currently facing.Save you an average of £500Myopia control price

Mitigating your child's myopia

Our Myopia mitigation and control clinic is a program of treatment that reduces the rate of growth of the eye and stops it getting too long.
By 2050 the World Health Organization predicts that 50% of our world's population will be suffering from Myopia.
We are here to create a positive impact and help reduce this predicted number by providing accessible Atropine treatment and expert medical advice for your child.
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Changing our indoor lifestyles

Treatment options for myopia control

Myopia treatment we can provide with regular management

Atropine eye drops 0.01% & 0.05%

Low-dose atropine eye drops such as 0.01% and 0.05% are proven to be an effective treatment to slow down Myopia progression. Your child’s Myopia specialist will be able to assess which dose will be the right treatment for your child’s vision.
  • Our 0.01% is best suited for children who have started to develop Myopia but the growth of their eyes are not rapidly progressing.
  • Our 0.05% is a stronger concentration of treatment and may work better to slow or control Myopia progression if the stage of your child’s Myopia is rapidly progressing.
When coming for a private Myopia consultation with our Myopia specialist, they will decide which Atropine eye drops are best for your child’s eye health based on how fast your child’s Myopia is progressing.
Professional advice on how to maintain your child’s eye health is very helpful for preventing and slowing down Myopia. Your Myopia specialist will be able to talk with you and your child about lifestyle activities and how adjusting your daily routine with more natural light can also be better changed for the benefit of your child’s eye health.

Myopia check-up & management appointment

After your child has been given a course of our Atropine eye drops, it is very important that they attend a Myopia check-up at least every 6 months.
Your child’s Myopia specialists will need to assess the effectiveness of the treatment and the health of your child’s eye. Because Myopia is a chronic condition, it needs to be monitored carefully to prevent the eye from growing
Most people think Myopia is a curable eye condition once they have their Atropine eye drops, but in some cases your child’s eyes may start rapidly growing too long (also known as Hyperopia) or the concentration of their treatment may need to change.
A myopia check-up appointment is very important especially after your child has been given a course of treatment because our Myopia specialist will need to check the progress of the treatment to make your child’s quality of life and vision much better.

Other treatments your opticians can help with

  • Miyosmart glasses

    Miyosmart glasses monitor and reduce the growth of your child’s eye. MiyoSmart glasses provide clear vision simultaneously at all viewing distances

  • Ortho-k contact lenses Ortho-k contact lenses gently reshape the cornea of your child’s eyes while they sleep. Astigmatism can also be corrected by using Ortho-K and can slow the progression of myopia.

Have you noticed that your child has an existing or emerging eye condition?

It’s worrying, because you know that good vision is essential for them to not fall behind, both developmentally and socially.
So, you’re looking for a child-friendly and affordable eye doctor who can help give your child the best opportunity to live a visually able life. 
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What do children with Myopia experience?

The world feels different

Your child has gotten used to frequent changes in their glasses prescription. But headaches, eyestrain and squinting is not always the best quality of life, especially when children are growing, adapting and learning new things everyday.

When myopia develops, it can be difficult for children to understand their condition without appropriate guidance and treatment.

Experience of development

A child’s experience of learning, exploring the world and developing shouldn’t be hindered by the experience of glasses. Children with myopia can feel hopeless and frustrated when they believe they have little chance of removing their glasses.

For us, helping children understand that their myopia condition can be slowed down by lifestyle changes and available treatments will give them a chance to embrace their glasses without frequent prescription changes.

Booking your child’s Myopia consultation

If you think your child is ready for Myopia treatment, we can help. With our Atropine eye drops we can slow down the progression of your Myopia and manage your Atropine treatment to check the effectiveness and benefits for your child’s future vision.
Do you want a friendly information pack for your child to understand Myopia?
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Are you above the age of 21 and experiencing Myopia?

Fortunately, there are many amazing ways we can correct short sightedness in adults.
Glasses can be a low cost solution. Contact lenses, although not always ideal, can be a practical one. But there are even more effective ways to correct vision now.
At My-iClinic, our specialists are experts in three types of procedures that can cure your short sight, with or without astigmatism:

A new myopia consultation

Save you an average of £500

Plano 2025

By 2050, 4.9 billion people will be myopic, most of whom have not yet been born.

When they arrive in this world their eyes will contain the perfect algorithm for eye growth that evolved for millions of generations and has produced emmetropia (crisp clear vision).

But as soon as they arrive in the modern urbanized world this algorithm is corrupted by unnatural environmental inputs which causes the eye to continue to elongate, resulting in Myopia.

Plano 2025 is an organisation whose aim is that no child born after 2025 should become myopic. If we are diagnosing 10-year-olds with myopia in 2035 we have failed.

And it is not a question of finding a “cure” for myopia, it is a question of allowing our future children to live in an environment that is close to nature.

This will allow natural eye development and stop the development of myopia in the first place.

Leave the eye alone and it will be perfect. This concept is not only true for myopia but for many of the crises that the human race is currently facing.