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Lazy eyes in adults & children (amblyopia)

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Lazy eyes (amblyopia)
in children and adults

A lazy eye (amblyopia) appears as an eye which turns inward or outward, usually occurring in a child's early development.
This lazy eye causes vision problems and potential vision loss in the future and can be caused by a family history of amblyopia, a refractive error and/or an imbalance in the eye muscles (misalignment of the eyes).
amblyopia Diagnosis

Diagnosis and treatment
for a Lazy eye

If your child has a lazy eye, you may be experiencing the following symptoms:
  • Blurry and distorted vision
  • Deficient depth perception
  • Double vision
  • Tired, heavy eyes
  • Eye squinting and/or head tilting to view objects
  • Excessive blinking

We offer a private consultation with our lazy eye specialist to check your current eye condition and to advise on the best treatment to prevent any further vision loss.

amblyopia consultation

What is included in my
private consultation?

A private consultation with our ophthalmologist is an all-inclusive cost of £350
This includes:
  • A comprehensive consultation with your dedicated ophthalmologist.
  • A medical diagnosis of your eye condition with treatment planning.
  • A referral for surgical treatment and/or a signed prescription (if required).
  • A dedicated eye care team to support you throughout your eye care journey

Private consultation

Book a private consultation today with our specialist for all-inclusive eye assessments and treatment planning.

Lazy eye treatment

Lazy eye treatment for
adults & children

Our ophthalmologist will use occlusion therapy to help your vision. Eye patches are used by our ophthalmologist to stimulate the weaker eye and improve vision overtime.
Other treatments such as: eye drops, corrective glasses and contact lenses may be prescribed or recommended as the best treatment for your lazy eye condition.

Visit our Lazy eye specialist for diagnosis and treatment

Book a private consultation today with our ophthalmologist for all-inclusive eye assessments and treatment planning.
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