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Lazy eyes in adults & children (amblyopia)

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MSMrs Sandra Wilson
The surgeon was excellent.

The surgeon was excellent, the staff very pleasant and knowledgeable. The atmosphere in...  Read More

LTLawrence Tombe
I have had cataract removed from both eyes.

I have had cataract removed from both of my eyes at My-iClinic, with last surgery done ...  Read More

DRDoug Ryan
Brilliant Treatment resulted in…

Brilliant Treatment resulted in Brilliant Vision After noticing that my distanc...  Read More

I was recommended to Mr Bulger by a friend who had been treated by him.

I was recommended to Mr Bulger by a friend and was very pleased with the entire process...  Read More

Lazy eyes (amblyopia)
in children and adults

A lazy eye (amblyopia) appears as an eye which turns inward or outward, usually occurring in a child's early development.
This lazy eye causes vision problems and potential vision loss in the future and can be caused by a family history of amblyopia, a refractive error and/or an imbalance in the eye muscles (misalignment of the eyes).

Diagnosis and treatment
for a Lazy eye

If your child has a lazy eye, they may experience the following symptoms:
  • Blurry and distorted vision
  • Deficient depth perception
  • Double vision
  • Tired, heavy eyes
  • Eye squinting and/or head tilting to view objects
  • Excessive blinking
We offer a private consultation with our lazy eye specialist to check your current eye condition and to advise on the best treatment to prevent any further vision loss.

What is included in my private consultation?

A private consultation with our ophthalmologist is an all-inclusive cost of £200
This includes:
  • A comprehensive consultation with your dedicated ophthalmologist
  • A medical diagnosis of your eye condition with treatment planning
  • A referral for surgical treatment and/or a signed prescription (if required)
  • A dedicated eye care team to support you throughout your eye care journey

Hear from our satisfied patients


The surgeon was excellent, the staff very pleasant and knowledgeable. The atmosphere in the clinic was serene and unhurried.As I said to Bola my surgeon she really is a miracle worker, making "the blind to see". I had bilateral cataract surgery, and afterwards I could see without aid which I had not been able to do for 65 years.

MSMrs Sandra Wilson

I have had cataract removed from both of my eyes at My-iClinic, with last surgery done yesterday 06-02-2023. On both occasions, the medical side of the surgery was carried out with level of professionalism in a state of the art environment. The clinic cleaniless is outstanding.

LTLawrence Tombe

Brilliant Treatment resulted in Brilliant Vision After noticing that my distance vision when driving was becoming uncomfortable and driving at night was becoming more and more difficult and new prescription glasses didn’t make much difference I decided to have cataract surgery. A friend recommended I have a consultation at the I-Clinic. Their professional examination was really Impressive and I had my totally painless operation to remove the cataracts (on both eyes) completed within the next four weeks.

DRDoug Ryan

I was recommended to Mr Bulger by a friend and was very pleased with the entire process for removing cataracts and improving my vision remarkably. It really is a miracle. All of the staff were kind and attentive and with Mr Bulger I felt that I was in very safe hands. Follow up activity was with Ms Odufuwa who was most helpful and attentive


I cannot praise My-Iclinic enough from my initial consultation to pre op and my surgery. The staff are reassuring and extremely professional in every aspect of the process. Mrs Bola Oduwufa is a wonderful surgeon and a magician in my eyes !!!. My double cataract extraction and lens replacement has improved my eyesight 1000%.I didn’t realise how flat and dull the colours and perspective of seeing life through my eyes had become due to the cataracts.


The care taken by all the clinic staff to ensure that I was comfortable, kept informed of what was being done to my eye and made to feel relaxed during the pre op tests was of an extremely high standard The surgeon was thorough, in the initial meeting, in explaining the problems and procedure that she would use to remove my cataracts.

CMC Morgan

Fantastic results. I was so impressed by all the staff and the extensive pre and post op test and scans which has resulted in 20:20 vision. My surgeon made the double cataract operation as easy a process as possible with re-assurance at all steps. Highly, highly recommended

JFJ Fisher

Absolutely fantastic team, highly recommended! I was extremely nervous about my LASIK surgery but the girls looked after me and put me at ease, everything from the consultation to surgery to the follow ups checks was a smooth process, phone calls and emails answered quickly, clinic easy to find, free parking onsite, clinic and equipment all very clean, thank you ladies x

LRLisa Rutt

Excellent service. Mike Charman set up my contract easily with a very competitive price. He was friendly and answered all my questions. Thank you

ATAnne Thomas

My daughter have myopia and she received a wonderful care from all the team I recommend this clinic to all parents who have a child suffering from myopia now my child in a safe hands thank you Mr. Bolger and thanks to all the team 🌹🙏

NANoor Al-Gburi

My-iClinic was recommended by my optometrist. Both eyes were done quickly, painlessly and by a friendly team and one of two expert eye surgeons. Mr Bolger inspires confidence. I think I've had mine done early before the cataracts developed too much, which I recommend. The clarity is wonderful. Don't wait for your vision to get worse.


I am a absolutely terrified of anybody going near my eyes, it took a lot of courage to go ahead with treatment. During treatment the nurses and everybody concerned made great efforts to give me confidence. The staff were very friendly and thorough in their approach with attention to detail at every stage. I could have had the treatment in Cyprus at a much lower cost - but finally decided that My-iClinic from reports I had read and comments made to me was the best option. All the time remember you only have one set of eyes - and I have always felt it is your most important sense

OEObee, Edward Mr

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Lazy eye treatment for
adults & children

Our ophthalmologist will use occlusion therapy to help your vision. Eye patches are used by our ophthalmologist to stimulate the weaker eye and improve vision overtime.
Other treatments such as: eye drops, corrective glasses and contact lenses may be prescribed or recommended as the best treatment for your lazy eye condition.

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Lazy Eyes Frequently asked questions

Have a question? We are here to help.

What is a lazy eye?

A lazy eye (formally called ‘amblyopia’) is a condition where the vision in one eye does not develop properly, caused by an imbalance of the muscles that correctly position both eyes. A lazy eye appears to turn inwards or outwards, causing reduced and blurry vision.

What causes a lazy eye in adults (amblyopia)?

If an adult develops a lazy eye without a diagnosis as a child it can be due to head trauma or an eye condition that affects this vision in one eye. Though very rare, some medical conditions like thyroid problems, diabetes or myasthenia gravis may cause a lazy eye in adulthood.

What causes a lazy eye in children?

A lazy eye in children occurs when the muscles of an eye are undeveloped, causing an imbalance between the two eyes.

How does a lazy eye appear in children?

A lazy eye appears as a misalignment of the eyes. You will notice if your child has a lazy eye if one of the eyes turns inward or outward from where the eye should situate. A lazy eye causes poor depth perception, reading difficulties and decreased vision. If your child is experiencing any of these symptoms, we can check their eyes and diagnose their condition for a treatment referral. Please contact 0208 445 8877

At what age is lazy eye normally diagnosed?

A lazy eye can be visible and noticed from birth, but the development of a lazy eye may occur until ten years old. A lazy eye can be diagnosed during this time, and treatment is more effective when the child is younger.

How do you get tested for a lazy eye?

It is always best to visit your local opticians to get a routine eye check. Our ophthalmologist will be able to diagnose a lazy eye and monitor its condition with our clinic facilities. We understand the visual difficulties your child may be experiencing, which is why our ophthalmologist will refer you for treatment.

What is a lazy eye patch for children?

We provide eye patches to help assist children who suffer from the visual complications with their lazy eye (amblyopia). Our ophthalmologist uses the eye patch as occlusion therapy which strengthens the connection between the neurological brain signals and the eye’s vision.

Can a lazy eye get worse?

A lazy eye (amblyopia) can get worse over time if the condition is left untreated. Amblyopia can worsen by reducing your peripheral vision, depth of perception and 3D vision, causing temporary and/or permanent vision loss in the future.

Can my child develop a lazy eye in both eyes?

It is very uncommon to develop a lazy eye in both eyes.

Does a lazy eye get worse with age?

For children who have strabismus, early diagnosis and treatment can prevent the condition from getting worse. A lazy eye can get worse in adulthood if left untreated.

Is a lazy eye (amblyopia) genetic?

A lazy eye can be caused by genetic or environmental causes. Other lazy eye conditions may develop later in life due to suffering head trauma and/or another eye condition that may onset the development of a lazy eye.

Can lazy eyes be treated?

Yes, your vision with a lazy eye can be treated with glasses, eye drops, occlusion therapy and lazy eye surgery. Each treatment is suitable depending on the condition of your eyes. Our treatment at My-iClinic is aimed to help improve vision in the affected eye and to prevent any further vision loss. We understand that lazy eyes can be a source of frustration, so we strive to offer compassionate care as well as expert advice on how to manage the condition long-term. If you are seeking expert advice, a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment options to help your vision, please contact 0208 445 8877 to book a private appointment today.

Can you outgrow a lazy eye/ strabismus (amblyopia)?

You cannot outgrow a lazy eye, but treatment is available to help prevent vision loss and surgery to correct the shape of the strabismus. We can provide treatment planning to help improve the quality of your vision, which is being affected by your lazy eye. If you are seeking a diagnosis and comprehensive check-up on the condition of your vision from a lazy eye, we can book you in for an all-inclusive private consultation with our lazy eye specialist.