Myopia control management & treatment cost London

Save you an average of £500


Is your child suffering from
Myopia (short-sightedness)?

We can provide Atropine treatment and management check ups to monitor your child's eye health with our private Myopia specialist in London.
£400All-inclusive of comprehensive eye assessments for your child
Your consultation fee is inclusive of eye assessments and a private one-to-one consultation with our ophthalmologist
£250 per check up consultationA Myopia management consultation
This is all inclusive of comprehensive scans to monitor your child's treatment and payable at the time of booking. Please read our refunds and cancellation policy for all new and aftercare Myopia appointments.

Our refunds and
cancellation policy

A new Myopia consultation with our specialists is £400 (non-refundable). However, we understand there can be circumstances where you may not be able to attend after booking.
Therefore, If you would like to change your appointment after booking, you will need to inform the clinic 72 hours before your appointment time to ensure you do not lose your appointment fee.
Any cancellations that are not communicated before after our 72 hour period policy is subject to be held by the clinic and any new appointment will need to be booked again.

A new myopia consultation

Our London Myopia specialists save you an average of £500 for your treatment and aftercare appointments compared to other eye clinics.