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About My-iClinic

Specialist Laser Eye Clinic In London

We are passionate team of skilled ophthalmologists, optometrists, nurses, and support workers.

We bring modern vision correction and laser eye treatments to all ages above 21.

Our effective, easy and affordable eye treatments brings tremendous joy and freedom to our patients

My-iClinic sources innovative diagnostic equipment, being at the forefront of ophthalmology and eye care treatments.

For the past ten years My-iClinic has been providing excellent private eye care treatments to patients from all over the world. My-iClinic partners with a variety of expert manufacturers to deliver bespoke vision correction treatment for ages 21+ and performs cataract, glaucoma, eyelid and corneal surgeries to improve our patients vision.

How we started

Our story

Our clinic directors, Mr. John Bolger and Ms. Bola Odufuwa-Bolger, started their care practices over thirty years ago by treating patients in Harley Street, Royal Free Hospital, Moorfields Eye Hospital and more.

As qualified ophthalmic surgeons, they opened their own independent eye care practice, My-iClinic, to make modern vision correction treatments and eye surgeries accessible and affordable for the new generations of vision.

How we do

Our approach

Our approach is very comprehensive with meticulous attention to the best proven surgical interventions. This is so you can be sure that you are receiving the best current treatment in a caring and patient focused setting.

no hidden cost

Our Affordability

We offer everything at a fixed price so that you know in advance what the procedure will cost and what is included. Even if the post-operative care takes longer than planned, there are no extra charges.

What sets us apart

Correction of astigmatism with toric lenses (Free of charge).You will get...
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    Be seen at your first appointment by the surgeon who will be doing your surgery.

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    Have your surgeon's mobile number.

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    Will be involved in decision making.

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    Both eyes operated together.

We achieved 100,000+ successful cataract operationsOur promises...
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    The best vision possible with little or no dependence on glasses.

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    The best implant for your eyes.

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    See the same surgeon for your follow up visit.

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    Look after you until you are ready to go back to your optician.

We possess a cutting-edge operating theatre.Operating theatre

Our Lifelong medical practices & research

My-iClinics senior surgical team regularly travel to medical conferences and meetings, both to listen to new ideas and to teach their own.

Our expert team will talk to you with ease about treatments which have evolved in eye care.

The team at My-iClinic sources innovative diagnostic equipment, being at the forefront of ophthalmology and eye care treatments.

What to find out more about us?Get in touch0208 445 8877