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Safer Than Contact Lenses.

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MSMrs Sandra Wilson
The surgeon was excellent.

The surgeon was excellent, the staff very pleasant and knowledgeable. The atmosphere in...  Read More

LTLawrence Tombe
I have had cataract removed from both eyes.

I have had cataract removed from both of my eyes at My-iClinic, with last surgery done ...  Read More

DRDoug Ryan
Brilliant Treatment resulted in…

Brilliant Treatment resulted in Brilliant Vision After noticing that my distanc...  Read More

I was recommended to Mr Bulger by a friend who had been treated by him.

I was recommended to Mr Bulger by a friend and was very pleased with the entire process...  Read More

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Say hello to clear vision with ReLEx SMILE Laser eye surgery!

ReLEx SMILE Consultation

Our ReLEx SMILE laser eye treatment is the most technically advanced option for people who want the latest and greatest vision correction option to treat any blurriness, astigmatism and short-sightedness.

When you have a private laser consultation with us, our specialists will conduct a number of eye tests in order to examine all the factors involved in correcting your eyesight. Prior to your appointment, we will advise that you do not wear soft contact lenses for two weeks. If you wear hard contact lenses we advise you to not to wear these for a minimum of two weeks (including a week for every decade you have worn hard contact lenses).

This is to ensure the cornea of your eye is ready for measurements to be taken accurately. Your laser specialist will then be able to offer the best possible course of treatment to correct your vision. Your first consultation will be an all inclusive cost of £200, with no obligation to have treatment if you wish to have some time to consider your options.

Need to talk to a specialist before booking a laser consultation? If you are unsure whether you are suitable for our ReLEx SMILE laser treatment, you can attend a FREE suitability check with our laser specialist. They will talk you through your prescription history and the best treatment options we offer for vision correction.

ReLEx SMILE Treatment

On the day of your ReLEx SMILE surgery, we advise that you do not wear any makeup and be accompanied by a relative or friend who can assist you home afterwards. When you arrive at your appointment, you will be shown into our private laser suite where our friendly nurses will talk you through the procedure.

They will place a small drop of anaesthetic on your eye and provide you with support for your eyelids so there is no need to worry about blinking. After you are comfortable and relaxed, your laser specialist will be giving you easy, simple instructions throughout the process to make sure your laser treatment is smooth and accurate.

You will be asked to stare at a green flashing light to hold your gaze in the correct place.

Our highly advanced visumax laser machine will slowly manoeuvre you into the exact position needed, so all you need to do is be still and at ease.

It will then make gentle contact with your eye which is completely painless, taking approximately 25 seconds per eye.

After this, you can sit up and begin to check out your new vision.

ReLEx SMILE Aftercare

There is nothing more important than our patients feeling comfortable after their ReLEx SMILE treatment – which is why your dedicated laser specialist will check your eyes 1 day after your laser treatment.

Once they check your vision they will advise you to rest for 1 week before resuming any exercise, driving or strenuous activities.

Our team will always be at the end of a phone call throughout your recovery at home to answer any more questions you may have about your life after laser treatment. In your aftercare appointment, your ReLEx SMILE specialist will check the improvement of your vision and answer any other questions you may have before you can finally experience your new life without contact lenses and glasses!

What our ReLEx patients say after treatment

Hear from a patient

When you choose My-iClinic’s 5-star rated services, you can rest assured that you’ve made the best possible choice for your eyesight. Our specialist optometrists carefully work with you to evaluate your eyes to offer you the best possible course of treatment – allowing you to re-discover a life of normal vision.

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£2,400 / Per eye

With 12 months interest-Free finance available!

Saving an average of £1,000 for your treatment

When you come to My-iClinic.

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The benefits of ReLEx
Smile laser eye surgery!

When you choose My-iClinic’s 5-star rated services, you can rest assured that you’ve made the best possible choice for your eyesight.
Our specialists here in London will carefully work with you to evaluate your eyes, offering you the best possible course of treatment. Take the first step and allow yourself to re-discover a life of clear, natural vision.
A 25 second treatment

ReLEx SMILE is a 25 second laser treatment with a friendly team beside you every step of the way

Simple and easy recovery

A one-week recovery period with the best aftercare from our laser specialist.

Clear, natural vision

Enjoy a life of clear, natural vision without ever having to compromise your routine with glasses or contact lenses again.

Improved quality of life

It’s called SMILE for more than one reason. Rest assured that over 1 million people are smiling more today than they did when they had glasses or contact lenses.

Step closer to a life of
Clear, natural vision!

Have you or one of your loved ones finally decided to do something about being short-sighted or having astigmatism? To begin the ReLEx SMILE process, give us a call or book a consultation with our friendly team today.

A better quality of life is just around the corner.

97% of people

From our clinic are extremely happy with their vision after laser eye surgery.

Most patients say they wish they’d done it sooner! One of the most mentioned reasons for having laser eye surgery is improved confidence and lifestyle.

15-minute free consultation with our expert.

Young lady attending a consultation for vision correction laser eye surgery at My-iClinic, London.

Hear from our satisfied patients


Highly recommend. Thank you Mr Bolger, Mrs. Odufuwa-Bolger and all the fantastic team at my-Iclinic. I had cataract and laser treatment in both eyes. Excellent professional service, lovely friendly helpful staff a clean environment.

MRMs. Rapacioli

I was recommended to My-iClinic by a consultant ophthalmic surgeon. He said it was the only place to go for laser vision correction and I think he was absolutely right! John Bolger and his team are all, without exception, a pleasure to deal with and they are all professional, informative and assuring. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them, the aftercare is outstanding too and even better, I can see


After many years of using contact lenses, I had the Smile laser surgery done by the man himself Doc John Bolger, what an amazing guy. The staff are super nice and friendly. From the first appointment, the support and after care including the follow-up appointments all has all been a great experience.


Whatever the view, Remember it with a clear vision

Female athlete watching the view without needing glasses for short sightednessCouple kayaking through sea caves after vision correction treatmentSkier in the snowWoman in Italy on holiday watching the view after vision correction

Why consider our ReLEX SMILE Laser eye surgery when you already have glasses or contact lenses?

You’re ahead of the curve

If you think about it, glasses are a very old technology. Contact lenses are considered a good alternative, but have a lot of serious health risks for your eyes. Enter ReLEx SMILE – the most technically advanced option for people who want the latest and greatest vision correction treatment.

You’re smiling more, every day

It’s called SMILE for more than one reason. Your eyes smile at the clarity of the world again and so do you! Rest assured that over 1 million people are smiling more today than they did when they had glasses or contact lenses.

Who’s that walking into the room?

You’re the same person, but your smile and confidence say otherwise. Your glasses are no longer stealing the limelight, and everyone around can finally see the real you.

Your life – immeasurably simplified

Daily routines, active pursuits and social events are a joy. Everyday, you’ll notice how effortless it is to have 20/20 vision without the need for contact lenses or glasses.

When your eyes are smiling…

The whole world smiles with you! One of the most cited reasons for having laser eye surgery is improved confidence and happiness. Most patients say they wish they’d done it sooner.

Do you think ReLEx SMILE could Be the right treatment for you?

To begin the ReLEx SMILE process, give us a call or book your free consultation with our friendly team today.

A better quality of life is just around the corner!

How vision correction saves our planet

Hard to swallow facts about wearing glasses and contact lenses.
  • Almost 800 million plastic contact lenses are used by 4 million people each year.
  • 100,000 tons of plastic are wasted from glasses.
SMILE, LASIK, PresbyondYour key to a sustainable, plastic-free life!
Saving more than just expenses, time and compromise, but saving the planet!
Clearer vision makes a clearer climate

How restoring your natural sight with vision correction treatment is helping the climate change crisis

Did you know blurry vision is on the rise?We call this ‘Myopia’ but you might already know Myopia as ‘Nearsightedness’.

By 2050 the World Health Organization predicts 4.9 million people will suffer from Myopia which not only affects people's natural sight and quality of life, but also contributes to the masses of plastic waste in our climate.

We understand how vision correction treatment is a healthier and natural way to not only restore your clear vision, but as an opportunity to see our climate become clean and bright for future generations to come!

Saving the planet one eye at a time!

When undergoing laser eye surgery, you may not realise it but you are already making a positive difference to the environment.

For every 10 years of contact lens wearing the amount of plastic that ends up in the ocean is roughly the same as your own body weight.

Our gift to you...Here at My-iClinic we give all of our laser patients a real forest tree!

Over your tree’s long life, you can visit it, introduce it to your family and track its growth and value! Over the lifetime of the tree, it will more than offset the carbon you've used with your contacts/glasses. When the tree is harvested, its value will be yours and new trees are planted to replace it.

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ReLEx SMILE Frequently asked questions

Have a question? We are here to help.

Smile laser eye surgery!

ReLEx SMILE laser treatment is a very minimally invasive type of laser eye surgery compared to other laser treatments. ReLEx Smile offers a bladeless alternative to LASIK and LASEK surgery, where a robotic system corrects the astigmatism in your eyes to see clearly in just 25 seconds. This modern treatment drastically reduces the recovery time from dry eyes in comparison to LASIK and other traditional refractive treatments.

How long does ReLEx SMILE treatment take?

Our ReLEx smile treatment takes an average of 25 seconds per eye. This is because we use a VisuMax laser which is a fast, seamless technology to correct your vision.

Why is ReLEx SMILE the most advanced laser Treatment?

ReLEx SMILE is one of the latest innovations in laser eye surgery because it is a bladeless form of refractive eye surgery which can correct high degrees of short-sightedness, and is also suitable for patients with and without astigmatism. Our ReLEx Smile treatment is performed by our VisuMax laser technology which is uniquely advanced by being minimally invasive and highly individualised for every pair of eyes. Over 95% of patients will achieve the vision correction with just one ReLEx SMILE procedure. Following this, most of the remaining 5% will achieve the desired results with a second procedure.

97% of people

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or under the age of 21, unfortunately you would not be considered for our laser treatments at this time. We understand you may be looking for the best treatment to correct your vision already which is why we will still be able to book your private consultation with our specialist in advance. If you are over the age of 45, we would not use ReLEx Smile surgery as a suitable treatment to correct your vision. Instead, we would propose our Presbyond laser eye surgery as the best laser treatment for you.

How does ReLEx SMILE laser eye surgery compare to my glasses and contact lenses?

Many people don’t realize that it is now safer to have refractive laser surgery than to correct your vision with contact lenses. ReLEx SMILE is an autonomous laser treatment performed to bring the focus into a natural zone where no glasses or contact lenses are required for you to see clearly. Putting in and taking out plastic contact lenses is always a continuous risk to your sight and increases the chances of damaging your natural lens. By using disposable contact lenses everyday, a serious contact lens infection could lead to extreme vision loss. Everyday contact lenses are an ongoing purchase with an added risk of infection whereas ReLEx SMILE is a healthier investment for achieving clear, natural vision. For glasses wearers, you may find that frequent changes in your prescription can be frustrating and can act as a constant barrier when experiencing new hobbies, especially activities which require visual freedom (swimming, rock climbing, motorsports). ReLEx SMILE removes the need to keep purchasing glasses and removes the restrictions Glasses inevitably create. Having our ReLEx SMILE surgery means you can enjoy old and new activities again without any visual compromises!

Can I drive, play sports and work after my ReLEx SMILE treatment?

After having ReLEx SMILE laser treatment your vision will already be 80% clearer within a few hours! You will be able to drive, play sports and resume life as normal once you have attended an aftercare appointment with your laser specialist, which is 1 week after your treatment date. We advise a one week recovery period after your SMILE treatment to ensure your eyes are healed and assessed, ready for seeing the world again without glasses and contact lenses!

How much does ReLEx SMILE Treatment cost?

Our ReLEx SMILE treatment costs £2,400 per eye (an all inclusive fee with your private consultation). We understand that having treatment can be a good investment for your eye health which is why we offer a 0% interest-free finance option to help you achieve the clear vision you want without the anxiety of costs.

At what age can I have ReLEx SMILE laser eye surgery?

The minimum age for our ReLEx Smile laser treatment is 21. This is because when we are young our eyes are still developing which means your prescription will likely change again. Once your prescription is stable (usually at the age of 21) we will be very happy to help you correct your vision to see without glasses and contact lenses.

Be the right treatment for you?

Yes, our ReLEx Smile laser eye surgery permanently corrects your vision and restores clear, natural vision. However, because our eyes naturally change when we become much older (45 onwards) you may find that you need another laser treatment to prevent yourself from needing reading glasses.

I have keratoconus, am I suitable for ReLEx SMILE laser treatment?

Unfortunately, If you have keratoconus (a thin cornea) you would not be suitable for our ReLEx Smile treatment but we do offer the best alternative for freedom from glasses with our Implantable contact lenses. This procedure achieves the same results as our ReLEx smile treatment and you can still say goodbye to your glasses and everyday contact lenses!

Do you offer finance options for ReLEx SMILE Laser Eye Surgery?

Yes. We do offer finance for ReLEx Smile laser eye surgery and because we know ReLEx smile is a great investment for achieving long-term sight, we offer a 0% interest free finance option for 24 months. Find out if you are eligible for our laser eye surgery finance.

Why is ReLEx SMILE better than wearing my glasses and/or contact lenses?

ReLEx SMILE is not only better for your eye health but it is the best laser eye surgery to permanently achieve the clear vision you want for your lifestyle. Wearing glasses and/or contact lenses for a long period of time can be a frustrating inconvenience and can restrict your quality of life by the lack of clarity and freedom in your vision. Here are the key benefits of having your ReLEx SMILE treatment with our London specialists:
  • Saving Your Vision
  • No risk of infections, dry eyes or blindness.
  • Our ReLEx SMILE treatment in London protects the health of your eyes both now and in the future.
  • Saving Your Money
  • One vision correction treatment means only investing in one all-time purchase.
Never waste money by repeatedly buying plastic contact lenses to throw away. One ReLEx SMILE procedure saves the average contact lens buyer £13,200! For an average prescription, wearing glasses and contact lenses every year averages around £660 to keep your sight, always with the added guarantee of an infection risk. Let’s say for twenty years of sight that accumulates to a cost of £13,200, while contributing to 16,000 million tonnes of plastic for those twenty tears of purchase and use. While ReLEx Smile is a permanent correction for the rest of your life! Saving Your Time Where are my glasses? Where are my contact lenses? Save your time and wake up in the morning with your sight ready before you are! Never compromise on your hobbies and busy lifestyle ever again. Saving Our Planet ReLEx smile is a highly sustainable treatment which removes the use of plastic waste from ordinary contact lenses and glasses, helping aid our planet for a much better and sustainable future.

Are there any requirements to do before my ReLEx SMILE treatment?

After coming to visit our laser specialist, we will give you clear instructions about the requirements you need to take before your treatment. We will ask that you do not wear any soft contact lenses 2 weeks before your laser consultation and your treatment day. If you wear hard contact lenses, we will ask you to not wear these for a minimum of 2 weeks. If you have worn hard contact lenses for more than 1 year we will require that you add 1 week for every decade you have worn hard contact lenses. For example, if you have worn hard contact lenses for 4 years, you will need to stop wearing them for 6 weeks (2 weeks minimum and 1 week for every decade). This will ensure your SMILE treatment is accurate and corrects the right measurements without any false measurements that contact lenses can unfortunately create.

How will I be able to see without wearing my soft/hard contact lenses?

Soft contact lens wearers can replace their lenses by temporarily wearing glasses for 2 weeks to make sure their eye is ready for measurements to be accurately taken for treatment. We understand wearing glasses instead of contact lenses is difficult but this temporary step will make your ReLEx SMILE treatment possible and give you the best visual freedom you need to permanently get rid of contact lenses or glasses for your future. Hard contact lens wearers can temporarily use soft contact lenses if they need to remove their lenses for more than 2 weeks. If you only need to remove your hard contact lenses for 2 weeks, we advise to temporarily wear glasses until your measurements are taken / before your treatment. Unsure about lens requirements before your consultation and treatment? Our friendly team will be happy to explain how long you will need to stop using your soft/hard lenses and for how long temporary glasses are to be worn. To find out more please call us on 0208 445 8877.

Why do I need to remove my contact lenses before my laser consultation and before my treatment day?

We understand it can be difficult removing your contact lenses but as contact lenses distort the shape of your natural eye, it is best recommended to remove any contact lenses 2 weeks before your laser consultation, ready for your eye assessments. This will make sure any measurements taken from your eyes are perfectly measured to assess your suitability. For your treatment day our visumax laser can correct your vision precisely, providing your contact lenses are removed 2 weeks before your procedure day. Our laser specialist will clearly talk you through any requirements before your treatment and help you with any concerns you have about removing your contact lenses.

How long does ReLEx SMILE surgery take to heal?

Usually ReLEx SMILE heals within 3 days after the procedure however we leave one week for recovery before your aftercare appointment with your laser specialist. We will then ask you to attend two more follow up appointments (6 months and 12 months) in the future to monitor how you are with your new, natural vision. We like our patients to feel that their aftercare is important because it is. This is why our specialists will check in with you up to 12 months after your treatment.

What's the advantage of having Laser Eye Surgery In London?

My-iClinic is a leading eye care centre based in the vibrant city of London. Located in the heart of the UK’s capital, our clinic offers a range of cutting-edge ophthalmic services and treatments in a world-class healthcare environment. Being situated in London provides several distinct advantages to our patients. Firstly, our central location ensures easy accessibility, whether you’re a local resident or traveling from afar. London’s diverse and international population allows us to serve a broad and culturally rich patient base, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of unique eye care needs. Moreover, our proximity to top-tier medical institutions and research centres means we have access to the latest advancements in eye care technology and collaborate with leading experts in the field. At My-iClinic, we take pride in delivering exceptional eye care services against the backdrop of one of the world’s most dynamic and innovative cities.

Is ReLEx SMILE surgery painful?

Our ReLEx smile surgery is not painful or uncomfortable during the treatment because we use anaesthetic eye drops before the laser corrects your vision. Some patients describe an itchy sensation after their treatment but this lasts only a few hours.