Dry Eyes

Monitor your dry eye symptoms with our private ophthalmologist

Dry eye syndrome symptoms and vision testing from our London Clinic

Private consultation for dry eyes

Our specialists understand that dry eye syndrome can cause everyday discomfort. If you are concerned about dry eyes, we can provide you with an all-inclusive private consultation from our London eye clinic to investigate and offer a treatment solutions.
Once we’ve identified the underlying cause of your dry eyes, our ophthalmologist will find you the best suitable treatment.
Dry eye consultation

What is included in my
private consultation?

A private consultation with our ophthalmologist is an all-inclusive cost of £200

This includes:

  • A comprehensive consultation with your dedicated ophthalmologist (exclusive of eye scans).
  • A medical diagnosis of your eye condition with treatment planning.
  • A referral for surgical treatment and/or a signed prescription (if required).
  • A dedicated eye care team to support you throughout your eye care journey.

Managing your
dry eye syndrome

Our consultants will help you manage your dry eye syndrome for a clearer, brighter quality of life.
EYE DROPSDry Eye Drops

Depending on the cause of your dry eyes, replacement drops may be prescribed as a substitute treatment.

SURGERYDry Eye Surgery

In some rare dry eye cases it may be necessary to graft new cells into your conjunctiva. The conjunctiva is a clear and thin, protective layer which forms mucus in the eye. Grafting new cells produces fresh mucin if your eyes are defective.

Friendly vision correction treatment for dry eyes

If you are experiencing dry eye symptoms and have difficulty with short sightedness or near sightedness (a refractive error in your eye), we offer vision correction treatment options which can eliminate the need for wearing glasses and/or uncomfortable contact lenses.
Implantable Contact Lenses are a friendly vision correction treatment which helps dry eye syndrome. To regain clear, natural eyesight without needing your glasses and contact lenses we can offer you a FREE suitability check for our implantable contact lenses.