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15-min free consultation (Laser eye surgery ONLY)
MSMrs Sandra Wilson
The surgeon was excellent.

The surgeon was excellent, the staff very pleasant and knowledgeable. The atmosphere in...  Read More

LTLawrence Tombe
I have had cataract removed from both eyes.

I have had cataract removed from both of my eyes at My-iClinic, with last surgery done ...  Read More

DRDoug Ryan
Brilliant Treatment resulted in…

Brilliant Treatment resulted in Brilliant Vision After noticing that my distanc...  Read More

I was recommended to Mr Bulger by a friend who had been treated by him.

I was recommended to Mr Bulger by a friend and was very pleased with the entire process...  Read More

Dry eye syndrome symptoms and vision testing from our London Clinic

Private consultation for dry eyes
Our specialists understand that dry eye syndrome can cause everyday discomfort. If you are concerned about dry eyes, we can provide you with an all-inclusive private consultation from our London eye clinic to investigate and offer a treatment solutions.
Once we’ve identified the underlying cause of your dry eyes, our ophthalmologist will find you the best suitable treatment.

What is included in my private consultation?

A private consultation with our ophthalmologist is an all-inclusive cost of £200
This includes:
  • A comprehensive consultation with your dedicated ophthalmologist (inclusive of all eye assessment and eye scans)
  • A medical diagnosis of your eye condition with treatment planning
  • A signed prescription (if required) and/or vision correction treatment planning
  • A dedicated eye care team to support you throughout your eye care journey

Managing your dry eye syndrome

Our consultants will help you manage your dry eye syndrome for a clearer, brighter quality of life.
EYE DROPSDry eye drops

Depending on the cause of your dry eyes, replacement drops may be prescribed as a substitute treatment.

SURGERY Dry eye surgery

In some rare dry eye cases it may be necessary to graft new cells into your conjunctiva. The conjunctiva is a clear and thin, protective layer which forms mucus in the eye. Grafting new cells produces fresh mucin if your eyes are defective.

Friendly vision correction treatment for dry eyes

If you are experiencing dry eye symptoms and have difficulty with short sightedness or near sightedness (a refractive error in your eye), we offer vision correction treatment options which can eliminate the need for wearing glasses and/or uncomfortable contact lenses.
Implantable Contact Lenses are a friendly vision correction treatment which helps dry eye syndrome. To regain clear, natural eyesight without needing your glasses and contact lenses we can offer you a FREE suitability check for our implantable contact lenses.
A better quality of life is just around the corner!

Hear from our satisfied patients


The surgeon was excellent, the staff very pleasant and knowledgeable. The atmosphere in the clinic was serene and unhurried.As I said to Bola my surgeon she really is a miracle worker, making "the blind to see". I had bilateral cataract surgery, and afterwards I could see without aid which I had not been able to do for 65 years.

MSMrs Sandra Wilson

I have had cataract removed from both of my eyes at My-iClinic, with last surgery done yesterday 06-02-2023. On both occasions, the medical side of the surgery was carried out with level of professionalism in a state of the art environment. The clinic cleaniless is outstanding.

LTLawrence Tombe

Brilliant Treatment resulted in Brilliant Vision After noticing that my distance vision when driving was becoming uncomfortable and driving at night was becoming more and more difficult and new prescription glasses didn’t make much difference I decided to have cataract surgery. A friend recommended I have a consultation at the I-Clinic. Their professional examination was really Impressive and I had my totally painless operation to remove the cataracts (on both eyes) completed within the next four weeks.

DRDoug Ryan

I was recommended to Mr Bulger by a friend and was very pleased with the entire process for removing cataracts and improving my vision remarkably. It really is a miracle. All of the staff were kind and attentive and with Mr Bulger I felt that I was in very safe hands. Follow up activity was with Ms Odufuwa who was most helpful and attentive


I cannot praise My-Iclinic enough from my initial consultation to pre op and my surgery. The staff are reassuring and extremely professional in every aspect of the process. Mrs Bola Oduwufa is a wonderful surgeon and a magician in my eyes !!!. My double cataract extraction and lens replacement has improved my eyesight 1000%.I didn’t realise how flat and dull the colours and perspective of seeing life through my eyes had become due to the cataracts.


The care taken by all the clinic staff to ensure that I was comfortable, kept informed of what was being done to my eye and made to feel relaxed during the pre op tests was of an extremely high standard The surgeon was thorough, in the initial meeting, in explaining the problems and procedure that she would use to remove my cataracts.

CMC Morgan

Fantastic results. I was so impressed by all the staff and the extensive pre and post op test and scans which has resulted in 20:20 vision. My surgeon made the double cataract operation as easy a process as possible with re-assurance at all steps. Highly, highly recommended

JFJ Fisher

Absolutely fantastic team, highly recommended! I was extremely nervous about my LASIK surgery but the girls looked after me and put me at ease, everything from the consultation to surgery to the follow ups checks was a smooth process, phone calls and emails answered quickly, clinic easy to find, free parking onsite, clinic and equipment all very clean, thank you ladies x

LRLisa Rutt

Excellent service. Mike Charman set up my contract easily with a very competitive price. He was friendly and answered all my questions. Thank you

ATAnne Thomas

My daughter have myopia and she received a wonderful care from all the team I recommend this clinic to all parents who have a child suffering from myopia now my child in a safe hands thank you Mr. Bolger and thanks to all the team 🌹🙏

NANoor Al-Gburi

My-iClinic was recommended by my optometrist. Both eyes were done quickly, painlessly and by a friendly team and one of two expert eye surgeons. Mr Bolger inspires confidence. I think I've had mine done early before the cataracts developed too much, which I recommend. The clarity is wonderful. Don't wait for your vision to get worse.


I am a absolutely terrified of anybody going near my eyes, it took a lot of courage to go ahead with treatment. During treatment the nurses and everybody concerned made great efforts to give me confidence. The staff were very friendly and thorough in their approach with attention to detail at every stage. I could have had the treatment in Cyprus at a much lower cost - but finally decided that My-iClinic from reports I had read and comments made to me was the best option. All the time remember you only have one set of eyes - and I have always felt it is your most important sense

OEObee, Edward Mr

Dry eye Frequently asked questions

Have a question? We are here to help.

What is dry eye syndrome?

Dry eye syndrome is when the tears in your eye have an insufficient production of lubrication or excessive tear evaporation which is why you can experience symptoms of irritation by the lack of moisture in your eyes. Dry eye syndrome can lead to various symptoms and discomfort, including:

  • Dryness – A persistent sensation of dryness or grittiness in the eyes
  • Redness – The eyes may appear red or bloodshot
  • Irritation – Irritation, itching, or burning sensations in the eyes
  • Excessive tearing – Paradoxically, some people with dry eyes may experience excessive tearing as a reflex response to the dryness
  • Blurred vision – Vision may become temporarily blurred or fluctuate due to insufficient tear film
  • Sensitivity to light – Increased sensitivity to light, known as photophobia
  • Eye fatigue – Discomfort and fatigue, especially during activities that require prolonged visual concentration, such as reading or computer use.

What are the main causes of dry eyes?

Dry eyes can be caused by everyday disposable contact lenses, demodex, eye drops, eye makeup and autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. When you visit My-iClinic for a private consultation, our ophthalmologists will carry out eye assessments and any further investigations needed to diagnose the cause of your dry eye symptoms. Several factors can contribute to dry eye syndrome, including:

  • Aging – Dry eye is more common in older individuals.
  • Gender – It is more prevalent in women, especially after menopause.
  • Environmental factors – Dry or windy climates, air conditioning, and heating can exacerbate symptoms
  • Medical conditions – Conditions like autoimmune diseases (e.g., Sjögren’s syndrome), diabetes, and thyroid disorders can affect tear production
  • Medications – Some medications, including antihistamines, decongestants, and certain blood pressure medications, can contribute to dry eyes
  • Prolonged screen time – Staring at screens for extended periods can reduce the frequency of blinking and contribute to dryness.

What are the common symptoms of dry eyes?

Patients who have dry eyes express their symptoms as:

  • Blurry vision
  • Excessive watering in their eyes
  • Itchy vision
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Painful eyes
  • Difficulty reading, driving & performing daily routine tasks
If you are experiencing any of the symptoms above and you are seeking a diagnosis and treatment for your dry eye symptoms, you can speak to our friendly specialists on 0208 445 8877 for more information about booking a consultation.

Do dry eyes go away?

Dry eye syndrome rarely goes away on its own. There is no cure for dry eyes but the condition can be easily managed with ongoing treatment. If you are concerned about dry eye syndrome please contact our specialist team on 0208 445 8877 for more information about a private consultation with our ophthalmologist.

What can happen if dry eye syndrome goes untreated?

Dry eye syndrome can be managed by ongoing treatment to remission any discomforting symptoms. Dry eyes can, in some cases, develop corneal ulcers and cause vision loss. In some cases the corneal surface can be damaged. Some of the potential consequences of untreated dry eye syndrome include:

  • Corneal damage – The cornea is the clear, front surface of the eye, and it relies on a stable tear film for protection and nourishment. Without an adequate tear film, the cornea can become vulnerable to damage, which may result in corneal abrasions or ulcers
  • Vision disturbances – Dry eye can cause fluctuations in vision, making it difficult to focus clearly. Blurred vision and intermittent visual disturbances may interfere with daily activities such as reading or driving
  • Increased eye discomfort – Over time, untreated dry eye can lead to persistent and sometimes severe eye discomfort, including a burning or gritty sensation, redness, and sensitivity to light
  • Reduced quality of life – Chronic discomfort and vision disturbances can significantly impact a person’s quality of life, making it difficult to perform tasks that require clear vision and comfort, such as working on a computer, reading, or enjoying outdoor activities
  • Conjunctivitis – Dry eye can increase the risk of developing conjunctivitis, commonly known as pink eye, which is an inflammation of the conjunctiva (the thin, transparent layer covering the white part of the eye and the inner surface of the eyelids)
  • Infections – Severe dry eye can lead to a breakdown in the eye’s natural defence mechanisms, making it more susceptible to eye infections
  • Difficulty wearing contact lenses – People with untreated dry eye may find it increasingly uncomfortable or even impossible to wear contact lenses, as the lenses can exacerbate dryness and discomfort.

Is it normal to have dry eyes in one eye?

In rare cases dry eye symptoms can be experienced in one eye, although dry eye syndrome usually affects both eyes. If you are experiencing dry eye symptoms in one eye we can carry out ophthalmic assessments to investigate the cause of your symptoms and find a suitable treatment.