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Did you know?

The average contact lens wearer uses over 20,000 litres of water, 82kg of plastic and spends 670 hours inserting and removing their contacts. Their vision correction would take 26 seconds and last a lifetime.

Over 100,000 successful cataract operations have been performed by the My iClinic surgeons.

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Laser eye surgery

Laser eye surgery

Transform your world through precision laser eye surgery at My-iClinic, London's trusted destination for advanced eye care. With a commitment to your vision enhancement, our experienced surgeons and modern techniques offer a personalised path to improved clarity and visual freedom. Learn more about laser eye surgery

Corrective eye surgery

Corrective eye surgery

Rediscover the world in perfect clarity with corrective eye surgery at our esteemed clinic in London. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to delivering personalised solutions that address your unique vision needs, ensuring a life less hindered by glasses or contacts.

What sets us apart

Correction of astigmatism with toric lenses (Free of charge).You will get...
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    Be seen at your first appointment by the surgeon who will be doing your surgery.

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    Have your surgeon's mobile number.

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    Will be involved in decision making.

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    Both eyes operated together.

We achieved 100,000+ successful cataract operationsOur promises...
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    The best vision possible with little or no dependence on glasses.

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    The best implant for your eyes.

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    See the same surgeon for your follow up visit.

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    Look after you until you are ready to go back to your optician.

We possess a cutting-edge operating theatre.Operating theatre

Are you considering vision correction treatment?

Achieve lifelong clear vision in just three steps.

We have the latest vision correction treatments to achieve clear vision at all distances for all ages.

Book your FREE suitability check today to find out if you are suitable for our ReLEX SMILE, Presbyond, Implantable Contact Lenses or LASIK vision correction treatments.

A better quality of life is just around the corner!

The triple win

How vision correction transforms time, finances, and our world.

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Saving money

The hidden costs: what could you save?
Saving money
What could that money have done?

The £34,000 you'd potentially spend on glasses and contact lenses over 20 years could have given you 69 luxurious holidays in the Mediterranean

Est- 50 Holidays
Average holiday cost: £700Calculation: 34,800 / £700 = 49.71

Saving time

Glasses & contact lenses a hidden time consumer.
Saving time
Did you know?

Over 30 years, the time you'd invest in handling glasses and contact lenses could have whisked you around our planet 37 times!

Est- 526.6 hours
Cleaning: 3 minutes/dayFinding misplaced glasses: 2 minutes/dayRepair, shopping: 2 hours/yearTotal: 526.6 hours (over 2 decades)
Est- 526.6 hours
Inserting and Removing:3 minutes/dayCleaning: 4 minutes/dayRenewing & Check-ups: 2 hours/yearTotal: 1,013.2 hours (over 3 decades)

Saving planet

Reducing our carbon footprint
Saving planet
The environmental perspective

Over 30 years, using glasses and contact lenses contributes to 876lb of CO2 emissions. Opt for vision correction and take a stand for our planet!

Est- 876.6 CO2 emissions
Combined plastic waste:
0.525 kg (glasses)+65.7 kg (contact lenses)=66.225 kilograms over three decades.
Total: 66.225 kilograms of plastic×6=397.35 kilograms = 876Lb of CO2 emissions(over 3 decades)

Your journey in our clinic

What to expect when you choose our clinic

Janet Clarke
My mother and father both recently had cataract

My mother and father both recently had cataract procedures at the clinic and I must say the results were amazing and the treatment and care they received was exceptional. I would not hesitate in recommending this clinic. They were both treated by Ms Bola Odufuwa. Thank you so much for making their experience comfortable and the results being very worthwhile.

Nikki Salter
Absolutely delighted...

Absolutely delighted... After having extreme myopia and astigmatism since childhood, and years of contact lens faff, my husband Peter had lens replacement to correct his vision (eliminating early cataracts at the same time). Now he can read to the bottom of the eye chart. If you're considering eye surgery, we would highly recommend this welcoming and professional clinic. All the staff impressed us. Particular thanks to John Bolger who gave us a lot of his time and took immense care to ensure the best possible result. Thanks so much to everyone at My-iClinic.

Christopher Owen
My treatment at the MyiClinic was excellent.

My treatment at the MyiClinic was excellent. I had cataracts removed in both eyes and Toric lenses implanted so that now I do not have to wear long distance glasses. As an actor I only wish I had been able to have the Toric lenses when I was young. At all times I felt completely confident with Ms Bola Odufuwa and her team.

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Our mission

For the past ten years My-iClinic has provided excellent patient care for anybody wanting clear, natural vision.

With leading opthalmologists Mr. Bolger and Ms. Odufuwa-Bolger, our North London team is here to make sure every patient receives the best treatment suitable for their eye health.

We understand how delicate and important our eyes are, which is why we with you through every step of your patient journey.

How vision correction saves our planet

Hard to swallow facts about wearing glasses and contact lenses.
  • Almost 800 million plastic contact lenses are used by 4 million people each year.
  • 100,000 tons of plastic are wasted from glasses.
SMILE, LASIK, PresbyondYour key to a sustainable, plastic-free life!
Saving more than just expenses, time and compromise, but saving the planet!
Clearer vision makes a clearer climate

How restoring your natural sight with vision correction treatment is helping the climate change crisis

Did you know blurry vision is on the rise?We call this ‘Myopia’ but you might already know Myopia as ‘Nearsightedness’.

By 2050 the World Health Organization predicts 4.9 million people will suffer from Myopia which not only affects people's natural sight and quality of life, but also contributes to the masses of plastic waste in our climate.

We understand how vision correction treatment is a healthier and natural way to not only restore your clear vision, but as an opportunity to see our climate become clean and bright for future generations to come!

Saving the planet one eye at a time!

When undergoing laser eye surgery, you may not realise it but you are already making a positive difference to the environment.

For every 10 years of contact lens wearing the amount of plastic that ends up in the ocean is roughly the same as your own body weight.

Our gift to you...Here at My-iClinic we give all of our laser patients a real forest tree!

Over your tree’s long life, you can visit it, introduce it to your family and track its growth and value! Over the lifetime of the tree, it will more than offset the carbon you've used with your contacts/glasses. When the tree is harvested, its value will be yours and new trees are planted to replace it.

Funding your treatment

We collaborate with all leading health insurance providers to ensure our patients receive the best care possible. Rest assured, your vision is in safe hands with us.


You are eligible to use your health insurance with our partnered insurance companies.

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