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£2750/Per eye

A simple process to
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Funding your treatment

  • One dedicated cataract specialist for your treatment

  • Most affordable price in London

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Correct your vision permanently with our 10 month finance option from £50/ per month

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Living life again with cataract-free vision!

Most patients are not aware of how bad their vision has become until after the cataract surgery and treatment.
Once they see the difference in brightness, colour, imagery and detail; they are delighted to experience their lifestyle activities again with the clear vision they should have always had.

Surgery prices

We do our best to understand your needs and aims so we can offer you the best vision correction options with a fair, transparent price!
From £50 per month
  • One Dedicated Cataract Specialist For Your Treatment

  • Most Affordable Price In London

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Improved Vision

After cataract surgery, your natural vision is restored.

Our patients have described their vision to be improved and a new

  • All the colours around me are bright again; I can’t believe the detail

  • The real plus is that I don’t have to wear contact lenses and can see better

  • When I go for country walks, I can now see the birds in the trees, or a bunny hopping...

  • Now I can finally read all the motorway signs when I drive…

Improved Quality of Life

As our vision deteriorates, and colours begin to fade, it affects our perception and experiences in everyday tasks.

A life without cataracts is not only a life of improved vision, but an opportunity to have an improved quality of life!

  • No more compromise in your daily tasks

  • Full independence in your routine

  • An easy discovery of new hobbies

Quick Procedure

With our specialist team, your cataract procedure is an average of 60 minutes and our friendly nurses will guide you before and after the surgery for your ease and comfort.

  • An average of 60 minutes for surgery

  • Our friendly nurse team always beside you

  • One specialist dedicated to your treatment

Easy Recovery & Aftercare

Our patients describe their recovery as a very simple and easy process.

What to expect in your aftercare

  • A detailed chat about your aftercare routine with our nurses

  • 2 weeks recovery time at home

  • A detailed assessment of your vision after surgery

  • A helpful and fully comprehensive appointment with your cataract specialist

Enjoy clear vision without glasses

Following cataract surgery, the most satisfied patients are those who do not require glasses to see clearly.
Since your eye is refocused during the operation, our experts take the opportunity to focus it for no distance glasses, even if you have worn glasses all your life.
Implants, like glasses, come in different strengths and we will measure your eye to find the strength of the implant most suitable for you.

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