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MSMrs Sandra Wilson
The surgeon was excellent.

The surgeon was excellent, the staff very pleasant and knowledgeable. The atmosphere in...  Read More

LTLawrence Tombe
I have had cataract removed from both eyes.

I have had cataract removed from both of my eyes at My-iClinic, with last surgery done ...  Read More

DRDoug Ryan
Brilliant Treatment resulted in…

Brilliant Treatment resulted in Brilliant Vision After noticing that my distanc...  Read More

I was recommended to Mr Bulger by a friend who had been treated by him.

I was recommended to Mr Bulger by a friend and was very pleased with the entire process...  Read More

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Your Consultation

The first step to living life with clearer vision is a consultation with one of our friendly cataract specialists.
Your cataract consultation will begin with some initial scans so we can examine your eyes and explain the most suitable treatment options for you.
With our expert technology, our senior technicians will be able to capture how the cataracts are affecting you, your lifestyle and where exactly they are affecting your field of vision.
These assessments will be passed to your cataract specialist, who will meet with you and talk you through the best Lens implants options for your cataract surgery.
Your first cataract consultation and assessment is an all-inclusive £200 fee, with no obligation to have surgery if you wish to have some time to consider your treatment options.

Your Surgery

The most comforting part of our care is that our patients know their surgeon from the beginning; they will be your dedicated specialist throughout your consultation, treatment and aftercare.
Before your surgery day, our patient care coordinator will reach out and answer any extra information that will be helpful to you before your treatment.
On the day of your cataract surgery, our friendly nurse team will be with you before your treatment time and they will answer any questions you may have for your ease, care and comfort.
Your cataract surgery will be completely painless and takes just an average of 10 minutes per eye, depending on your lens options.
Our nurses will be there after your surgery to help you through our at-home instructions which will help you in your recovery time.

Your Aftercare

There is nothing more important than our patients feeling comfortable after their procedure.
We advise a two week recovery period before attending your aftercare appointment with us.
Our team will always be at the end of a phone call throughout your recovery at home to answer any more questions you may have.
In your aftercare appointment, your cataract specialist will check the improvement of your vision before you can enjoy your cataract-free vision

Accessible eye care for everyone

Managed by surgeons

When you choose My-iClinic’s 5-star rated services, you can rest assured that you’ve made the best possible choice for your eyesight.

Our specialist optometrists carefully work with you to evaluate your eyes to offer you the best possible course of treatment – allowing you to re-discover a life of normal vision.

Hear from our satisfied patients


I chose My-iClinic for my SMILE laser eye surgery as they were local to me. Great service throughout and showed passion and care. Seen quickly at diagnosis and subsequent sessions. Procedure, options and next steps explained very well. Actual surgery itself took about 10 minutes for both eyes, and was very smooth and professional.

SJSteve Jones

From initial contact, through the various tests, consultation, operation and follow up I was made to feel welcome and valued as a customer by all the staff. The consultant surgeon - Sancy Low - is first class. She patiently explained the fine details of the test results and the various options, drawing on her extensive knowledge and experience. She then skillfully and swiftly removed a cataract and corrected my distance and mid-range vision so I now only need glasses for very close work.

NANeil Anderton

I cannot praise My-Iclinic enough from my initial consultation to pre op and my surgery. The staff are reassuring and extremely professional in every aspect of the process. Mrs Bola Oduwufa is a wonderful surgeon and a magician in my eyes !!!. My double cataract extraction and lens replacement has improved my eyesight 1000%.I didn’t realise how flat and dull the colours and perspective of seeing life through my eyes had become due to the cataracts. My new world is so bright and the colours are so vivid. It’s been so wonderful and emotional to see everything so beautifully again. It’s like seeing the world through a wonderful painting. Thank you to you all from the bottom of my heart ❤️.


My-iClinic was recommended by my optometrist. Both eyes were done quickly, painlessly and by a friendly team and one of two expert eye surgeons. Mr Bolger inspires confidence. I think I've had mine done early before the cataracts developed too much, which I recommend. The clarity is wonderful. Don't wait for your vision to get worse.


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Living life again with cataract-free vision!

Most patients are not aware of how bad their vision has become until after the cataract surgery and treatment.
Once they see the difference in brightness, colour, imagery and detail; they are delighted to experience their lifestyle activities again with the clear vision they should have always had.

Surgery prices

We do our best to understand your needs and aims so we can offer you the best vision correction options with a fair, transparent price!
From £50 per month
  • One Dedicated Cataract Specialist For Your Treatment

  • Most Affordable Price In London

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Improved Vision

After cataract surgery, your natural vision is restored.

Our patients have described their vision to be improved and a new

  • All the colours around me are bright again; I can’t believe the detail

  • The real plus is that I don’t have to wear contact lenses and can see better

  • When I go for country walks, I can now see the birds in the trees, or a bunny hopping...

  • Now I can finally read all the motorway signs when I drive…

Improved Quality of Life

As our vision deteriorates, and colours begin to fade, it affects our perception and experiences in everyday tasks.

A life without cataracts is not only a life of improved vision, but an opportunity to have an improved quality of life!

  • No more compromise in your daily tasks

  • Full independence in your routine

  • An easy discovery of new hobbies

Quick Procedure

With our specialist team, your cataract procedure is an average of 60 minutes and our friendly nurses will guide you before and after the surgery for your ease and comfort.

  • An average of 60 minutes for surgery

  • Our friendly nurse team always beside you

  • One specialist dedicated to your treatment

Easy Recovery & Aftercare

Our patients describe their recovery as a very simple and easy process.

What to expect in your aftercare

  • A detailed chat about your aftercare routine with our nurses

  • 2 weeks recovery time at home

  • A detailed assessment of your vision after surgery

  • A helpful and fully comprehensive appointment with your cataract specialist

Enjoy clear vision without glasses

Following cataract surgery, the most satisfied patients are those who do not require glasses to see clearly.
Since your eye is refocused during the operation, our experts take the opportunity to focus it for no distance glasses, even if you have worn glasses all your life.
Implants, like glasses, come in different strengths and we will measure your eye to find the strength of the implant most suitable for you.

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Cataract surgery Frequently asked questions

Have a question? We are here to help.

Why choose cataract surgery in London?

Choose My-iClinic for private cataract surgery in London. A qualified treating surgeon helps you to make a fully informed decision, ensuring you get the best possible treatment for your cataracts, allowing you to rediscover a life of clear vision without the need for glasses. Following our 5-star rated service, many patients enjoy better vision than they did before cataracts even developed. Skip long waiting times and return to a normal and full life.

What does my surgery cost include?

This price covers patients for all surgery costs, including post-operative medication and visits, follow-up appointments (up to 4 weeks after your procedure) and management of any unforeseen complications. Prices vary between your chosen eye surgery specialist. Occasionally it is necessary to charge extra if a patient has a very complicated or advanced cataract. Such extra charges would be discussed before the surgery takes place. It does not include the initial consultation.

I want to be free from glasses after my cataract surgery, what’s the best option for me?

If you wish to be free of glasses for the vast majority of your life looking at near, intermediate and long distances, then Presbyond laser vision correction is the best option for you. The laser procedure is carried out at our clinic 3 to 6 months after the cataract operation. See more about Presbyond vision correction.

What is a cataract?

Just behind the pupil of your eye is the eye’s lens. Usually, the lens of the eye is crystal clear so that when light passes through it easily, you have bright, clear sight. However, if any cloudiness develops in the eye’s lens, its starts to block any light passing through. This is a sign you might be developing cataracts which can cause the following symptoms in your everyday sight:
  • A greenish clouding of the eye
  • Blurring of vision that can’t be corrected with glasses
  • Colours appearing faded or washed out, sometimes with a yellow haze
  • Sensitivity to light, glare and seeing halos around lights (especially when driving at night)
  • Frequent changes in glasses prescriptions

Why do I have cataracts and when should my cataracts be treated?

You may be developing cataracts because of the following reasons:
  • Your family has a medical history of cataracts
  • You have a diabetic condition
  • You smoke and drink regularly
  • Ageing (40+) is when eyes start to change the most
When your cataract symptoms progress, it identifies that the cloudiness is growing in your sight. Any cataracts developing in the eye can cause severe outcomes with your vision loss, and the best option is to be seen immediately before your vision loss worsens.

What is a Cataract Lens implant?

When the cataract has been removed from the bag in which it is contained, it is replaced by a synthetic lens implant. This new lens is implanted into the space which had been occupied by your own natural lens. There are many types of implant, and if you choose My-iClinic for cataract surgery, we will help you choose the one which fits your lifestyle and your needs to the highest possible degree. While removing a cataract, MyiClinic makes it possible to refocus the eye, giving crystal clear distance vision. Many of our patients are able to continue routine daily tasks without the need for spectacles – even those who had previously depended on glasses can have vision restored.

What are the implant options for my cataract treatment?

Depending on the implants you are suitable for, our patients have achieved the best visual outcome for clarity and all distances by having Edof lens implants or Presbyond treatment after their cataract surgery. Each treatment for seeing from near, intermediate, or distance (or all three) can be explained as a part of our Cataracts lens implants page.

When will I be able to drive, travel and play sports after surgery?

After your surgery day, we advise a two week break from all activities as; driving, travelling, swimming and any other physical exercise. Once your cataract specialist has spoken with you in your follow up appointment, you will then be able to resume all your lifestyle activities, this time with clear, normal vision!

Why choose London?

London is an exceptional choice for cataract surgery due to its world-renowned healthcare infrastructure. The city boasts top-tier hospitals with cutting-edge technology and a wealth of specialised expertise, particularly in ophthalmology. Patients can expect comprehensive pre- and post-operative care, facilitated by highly trained medical professionals who stay abreast of the latest advancements. London’s accessibility as a major international travel hub, coupled with its English-speaking environment, offers added convenience for patients from around the world. Moreover, the city’s robust private healthcare sector provides a range of options for tailored surgical experiences. Additionally, London’s status as a hub for medical research and innovation ensures that patients may benefit from the most recent breakthroughs in cataract surgery techniques and practices. However, it’s crucial to carefully consider individual medical needs, cost, and travel logistics before making any decisions about undergoing cataract surgery in London.

What's the best way to find My-iClinic?

London boasts a highly efficient and extensive transport network, making it easy to reach My-iClinic at 960 High Road, London N12 9RY. Situated in North Finchley, this clinic benefits from excellent accessibility. The Northern Line of the London Underground serves the area, with Woodside Park Station being the nearest stop. Additionally, numerous bus routes, including the 263, 82, and 125, provide convenient access. For those preferring to drive, there are parking facilities available in the vicinity. Overall, London’s well-connected transport system ensures smooth and convenient travel to My-iClinic, facilitating easy access for patients seeking exceptional eye care services.