Ditch Contact Lenses And Opt For Laser Eye Surgery
Ditch Contact Lenses And Opt For Laser Eye Surgery!

Ditch Contact Lenses And Opt For Laser Eye Surgery!

Laser Eye Surgery
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More and more people are opting to throw away their glasses and go for a more convenient option of wearing contact lenses, but is this wise?

Contact lenses rest on your eyes covering your whole cornea. This means that there is a decrease in the amount of oxygen that reaches your eyes from your surrounding environment.

For healthy eyes, there needs to be a good oxygen supply level. On top of the lack of oxygen, contact wearers have a higher rate of risk of infection. According to Mercola each year, contact-lens wearers visit their doctor and even the emergency department close to 1 million times.

This is due to eye infections caused by improper care and use of contact lenses.

The Problem With Contact Lenses

If you find that you have problems when you are wearing contact lenses, you may want to consider alternative options, one of these being laser eye surgery. When contacts are bad for your eyes, which you can usually tell by how they feel when you wear them, you should always ask yourself if is it worth the pain.

Think about how much money you are spending yearly on glasses, contacts, lens solutions plus more. Spread this across your lifetime, it adds up.

We like to tell people to think of laser eye surgery as an investment. You pay a one-off fee, which granted can be very expensive for some people but when you total up what you could be spending yearly for as long as you need a visual aid, you may find that you are actually better off considering the procedure.

Fumbling around in the morning for your glasses or running around your home because you cannot find them can be frustrating. Laser eye surgery is safe, and pain-free and eliminates this frustration by reshaping your cornea, allowing your eyes to focus meaning…no glasses! (or contacts for contact wearers).

Contact Lenses vs. Laser Eye Surgery

Advantages Contact Lenses Laser Eye Surgery
Non-surgical and non-invasive
Immediate improvement in vision
No recovery time
Convenience and flexibility
No permanent changes to the eye
Options for daily disposable lenses
Cost-effective initially
Disadvantages Contact Lenses Laser Eye Surgery
Ongoing cost of lenses and solutions
Potential for discomfort or dry eyes
Possibility of eye infections or complications
Limited correction of higher refractive errors
Regular maintenance and cleaning required
Possible issues with comfort and fit
Temporary correction
One-time surgical procedure
Possible risks and side effects of surgery
Long-term cost savings

How Much Can You Save?

The amount a person can save by discontinuing the use of contact lenses depends on various factors, including the type of contacts worn, frequency of replacement, and individual preferences. Here are some potential areas of savings:

Cost of Contact Lenses

Depending on the type (daily, bi-weekly, monthly), brand, and prescription strength, contact lenses can range from a few dollars per pair to several dollars per lens. Over a year, this expense can add up significantly.

Contact Lens Solutions

Maintenance solutions, such as cleaning and disinfecting solutions, are a recurring cost for contact lens wearers. These solutions are necessary to keep the lenses sterile and safe for use.


Contact lens cases, travel-sized solution bottles, and other accessories also contribute to the overall cost of wearing contacts.

Prescription Updates

Regular eye exams are necessary for contact lens wearers to ensure that their prescription is up to date. This is an additional cost to consider.

Potential Eye Health Expenses

In some cases, extended use of contact lenses may lead to eye conditions or complications, which could result in additional medical expenses.

There are potential financial savings associated with not wearing contact lenses, individuals should prioritise their comfort, convenience, and overall eye health when making decisions about vision correction methods.

Price Comparison Chart

This chart shows you will make a saving of £420 per year after year 2 if you pay a 50% deposit and pay £50 for 24 months. After 2 years you won't pay any monthly payment for your contact lenses and after year 2 you will make a saving of £425 per year.

This price plan doesn't take into consideration:

Inflation, contact lens accessories, check-up appointments and any other costs associated with contact lenses.

Year Contact Lens Cost £35pm - Lifetime Payments Laser Eye Surgery Cost Finance Option 50% Deposit Laser Eye Surgery - Total Cost Savings
1 £420 £2400 £1200 / £50pm £1800 £0
2 £420 £600 £50pm £2400 £0
3 £420 Finished Payment Plan N/A N/A £420 for life.
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How Do You Know If It’s Right For You?

Here at My iClinic, we offer a FREE SUITABILITY SCAN which will tell you how likely you are to be suitable for laser eye surgery. This is the perfect opportunity for you to start your journey to an unaided clear vision.

If you are tired of wearing glasses and contacts or the price of being able to see with them is becoming too much, laser eye surgery could be the right choice for you.

Now available is our 0% finance offer on both SMILE and Presbyond corrective eye surgery.

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