What to Expect During Your Laser Eye Surgery Consultation
What To Expect On The Day Of Your Laser Eye Surgery Consultation

What To Expect On The Day Of Your Laser Eye Surgery Consultation

Laser Eye Surgery
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So, you’ve made a shortlist of places you’re considering having your laser eye surgery but, do you really know what to expect on the day of your consultation? Well, we’re here to help! Here’s a walk through your first laser eye surgery consultation…

To begin with, you will have a series of non-invasive tests done by the ophthalmic technician. These include:

  1. Biometry - This gives the technician measurements of the eye including the axial length, keratometry and the anterior chamber depth. This is crucial for determining the correct refractive outcome
  2. Auto Refractor - This is used during the examination to provide an objective measurement of your refractive error and also your prescription for glasses/contact lenses.
  3. Pachymetry - These measure the thickness of your corneas. This is important as your corneas need to be thick enough for laser eye surgery
  4. Wavefront Analysis - This is used to track how light travels through your eyes and generally measures its optical quality. If distortions occur as light travels through your eyes, also known as an aberration, this could represent a vision error that could hinder your likelihood of being able to have laser eye surgery
  5. Atlas Topography - The Atlas looks at the shape of the front of your eyes and maps it. This test also looks out for abnormalities you may potentially have
  6. Sirius - This machine maps the surface at the front and the back of your cornea and also the chamber in the front of the eye
  7. OCT (Optical coherence tomography) - This machine looks at layers of your retina and optic nerve. They are analysed separately to ensure everything is normal and safe for laser eye surgery.

A Non-Invasive Procedure

Please remember, all of these tests are non-invasive.

None of the machines touch your eye, they simply give your eyes a thorough examination to ensure that you are suitable for laser eye surgery and that the best outcome can be achieved for you.

Following your tests you will have a sit down with the optometrist. This is required as they will test you to:

  • Measure the exact focus of your eye
  • Check your eye pressure
  • Understand how your brain will react to the laser eye surgery
  • Understand which one of your eyes is the most dominant
  • Make sure your general eye health is good.

During the time with the optometrist, you will have an eye test that is similar to your usual eye test at your local optician.

Once again, this is all done to ensure that we can achieve the best possible outcome for you which is 20/20 vision or even better. After you have had your tests, your eye will be dilated. Your vision will become slightly blurred so do not worry.

These are given to you so that the surgeon can look at the back of your eye and also make sure that your prescription is stable. This is also your opportunity to ask all the questions in the world!

Planning Your Choices

We always want to make sure that our patients are 100% comfortable with what’s going to happen and that they are comfortable with us performing their surgery. During your time with the surgeon, you can ask questions about the surgery, post-operative care and even find out a bit more about the surgeon and his experience with laser eye surgery.

Following on from this, it will be decision-making time!

Providing that you’ve got the all-clear to have laser eye surgery, you will be able to start planning when you want to have it done. You will be required to sign a consent form, stating that you give permission to the surgeon to do the procedure for you and that you understand the process.

Once this is complete you can pick the date that is mutually convenient for you and the surgeon and start looking forward to having normal vision.

Wondering how safe laser eye surgery is or how to choose where to go to have your laser corrective eye surgery?

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