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No Child Born After 2025 Should Become Myopic

No Child Born After 2025 Should Become Myopic

Myopia Control
John Bolger|
March 25, 2024

"If we are diagnosing Myopia in 10-year-olds in 2035 then we have failed to implement what we already know about Myopia".

John Bolger

Our Mission If You Choose To Accept It

We would like to involve Architects, Politicians, Bankers, Teachers or any stakeholders who would love to get involved in the project!


Ideally, we would like to raise awareness of how lifestyle can cause Myopia and how to prevent Myopia in the long term.

Stop Children From Being Myopic

Fact: The World Health Organisation predict 50% of the human race will be myopic in 2050.

Stakeholders Who Could Invest In Our Project

Type of Stakeholder Description
Individual Investors Private individuals who invest their personal funds in projects or businesses.
Venture Capital Firms Firms that invest in early-stage or growth-stage companies with high growth potential.
Private Equity Firms Firms that invest in established companies with the goal of driving operational improvements and growth.
Corporate Investors Large corporations that invest in external projects or startups aligning with their strategic goals.
Government Agencies Government entities that invest in projects serving public interests, such as infrastructure development.
Foundations and Nonprofits Organisations that invest in projects supporting their mission and objectives, such as social impact initiatives.
Banks and Financial Institutions Institutions that provide debt financing or financial products to support projects.
Crowdfunding Platforms Platforms allow individuals to contribute small amounts of money to fund a project.
Strategic Partners Partners such as suppliers or distributors that invest in projects offering mutual benefits.
Institutional Investors Entities managing large pools of capital that allocate funds to project-based investments.

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