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Let's Talk About KeraNatural

Let's Talk About KeraNatural

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What Is KeraNatural?

Allograft corneal ring therapy is a surgical intervention designed to address keratoconus, an advancing eye condition characterised by the gradual thinning and conical reshaping of the cornea. Keranatural represents a specific type of allograft corneal ring. Diverging from the traditional corneal ring approach often referred to as intracorneal ring segments (ICRS), Keranatural offers a distinctive method. Unlike conventional ICRS, which entails the insertion of petite plastic rings into the cornea to promote flattening and stabilisation, Keranatural presents an innovative alternative in the realm of corneal ring treatments.

Allograft Corneal Ring Treatment

Allograft corneal ring treatment, also known as Keranatural, represents an innovative approach to corneal ring therapy by utilising allograft or donor tissue to fashion a natural corneal ring. This method boasts several advantages over conventional corneal ring therapy, including enhanced safety, organic composition, biological compatibility, reversibility, and adjustability.

The use of natural tissue in allograft corneal ring treatment serves as a notable advantage, mitigating potential complications associated with synthetic materials such as infection, corneal melting, or inflammation. Additionally, the biologically compatible nature of allograft tissue contributes to a reduced risk of rejection, promoting a safer treatment option.

An additional benefit lies in the reversibility and adjustability of allograft corneal ring treatment. In contrast to traditional corneal ring therapy, which necessitates the removal of plastic rings in case of complications, the allograft approach allows for easy removal or adjustment as needed, providing greater flexibility and personalised care.

It is crucial to acknowledge that, like any surgical procedure, allograft corneal ring treatment carries inherent risks and potential complications. Patients contemplating this approach should engage in thorough discussions with their ophthalmologist or eye surgeon to understand the potential risks and benefits. Furthermore, not all individuals with keratoconus may be suitable candidates for corneal ring treatment, and alternative treatment options should be explored based on individual circumstances.

Discover My-iClinic

Experience the future of corneal ring therapy with My-iClinic's cutting-edge Allograft Corneal Ring Treatment, also known as Keranatural. Our innovative approach utilises allograft or donor tissue to create a natural corneal ring, offering enhanced safety, biological compatibility, and adjustability. Say goodbye to synthetic material concerns and embrace a treatment option that prioritises your eye health.

Are you ready to explore the advantages of Allograft Corneal Ring Treatment? Schedule a consultation with My-iClinic today and embark on a personalised journey towards clearer vision. Our experienced team is here to guide you through the process, discuss potential risks and benefits, and determine the most suitable approach for your unique needs.

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