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How Did Amanda Join My-iClinic?

How Did Amanda Join My-iClinic?


Back to December, when I joined the clinic, Amanda was the third team member I was introduced to. When I met her, I didn’t even think she was a nurse at the clinic. She seemed so down to the Earth, funny and super friendly. 6 months passed since and nothing has changed. I can still use these attributes to describe her.

We couldn’t choose a better month than May to reveal her story and to tell her how thankful we are, that she is a part of our team, as this month Amanda celebrated International Nurse’s Day and her Birthday.

As I recall her story she started working with Mr. Bolger more than 13 years ago. Such a lovely story: Amanda was a CQC inspector pregnant with her first child; Mr Bolger had a small practice back then, across the road from where My-iClinic is right now. Mr. Bolger connected really quickly with Amanda and since then they have been working together.

Amanda has a broad experience in nursing and although most of our patients appreciate her as a specialist, we just love Amanda for being herself, an example for everyone. Because everything she does is just great, and trust me she does a lot of work, if you don’t believe me look at her daily schedule:

Monday morning at 9:30 am Amanda comes to the clinic, checks the clinic list, lenses and then takes the first patient to the surgery, she starts preparing the patient and asks him/her some questions so they can start a conversation and the patient won’t feel nervous anymore, put the drops in his/her eyes and then take him/her to the operating theatre.

After a long theatre list, she will have her lunch: a quinoa salad which is usually shared with her colleagues because sharing is so caring and thoughtful. 14:00 time for celebration, Amanda will take out a big cake that she baked the previous evening, so all the team will gather together to celebrate another big achievement of the clinic.

3 p.m. she is finalizing some administration work, takes her keys, clocks out, says goodbye to all of us and walks her way to the second and main job: being a mum. Amanda has two kids: Charlie and Michael, and for those of you who know her family, she is fully committed to her family.

I have always considered Charlie as a copy of his mom until I saw Amanda’s picture from her school day. I just replied “When did you dress Michael as a nurse and why?” obviously that was Amanda herself. School runs, taking kids to various clubs, cooking dinner, having family dinner with her lovely husband and Amanda’s day is gone.

On Tuesday morning she is back in the clinic ready for another long list.

Amanda at the beginning of her career.

On top of that, there is various volunteering e.g. Marie Curie, Boy’s Brigade, school fundraising events... 

You are great, Amanda, and maybe we don’t tell you that very often and maybe you don’t always feel our love, but we really appreciate and love you.

Thank you for being amazing and being a part of our team.

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