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Friends Discuss Having Presbyond Laser Eye Surgery

Friends Discuss Having Presbyond Laser Eye Surgery

Case Studies
John Bolger|

Sharon Needleman and Sarah Millar, had always shared a common frustration: the inconvenience and limitations imposed by their reliance on reading glasses. Tired of constantly searching for misplaced spectacles and feeling hindered by their dependence on visual aids, they embarked on a journey to explore alternatives. After thorough research and consultations with eye care professionals, they both decided to undergo Presbyond Laser Eye Surgery at My-iClinic in London. Little did they know, this decision would profoundly change their lives. Freed from the constraints of glasses and contact lenses, Sharon and Sarah experienced newfound clarity and freedom in their daily lives. From reading small print with ease to enjoying activities without the hassle of visual aids, their journey with Presbyond Laser Eye Surgery has transformed their perspective on vision and empowered them to embrace life with renewed vitality.


"The consultation process for Presbyond Laser Eye Surgery at My-iClinic was incredibly thorough. They left no stone unturned! From a battery of scans to meticulously reading letters of various sizes, they ensured every aspect of my vision was thoroughly assessed. It wasn't just about improving my sight; it was about ensuring the operation would go as smoothly as possible, tailored precisely to my needs. It was reassuring to know that every detail was taken into account, making me feel confident and well-prepared for the procedure." Sharon's description highlighted the meticulous care and attention to detail provided during the consultation process, instilling trust and confidence in the expertise of the team at My-iClinic.

No Glasses

"Sarah's excitement was palpable as she recounted her recent shopping experience to Sharon. 'You wouldn't believe it, Sharon,' she exclaimed, 'thanks to Presbyond Laser Eye Surgery, I can finally go shopping without my glasses! No more struggling to juggle items in one hand and read labels with the other. Now, I can effortlessly stroll through the aisles, browsing and reading prices on labels without missing a beat. It used to drive me mad not being able to walk and read labels simultaneously, but Presbyond has changed all that.' Sarah's newfound freedom from visual aids had transformed her everyday experiences, allowing her to navigate tasks with ease and enjoy the simple pleasures of life without the limitations of glasses."


As Sharon arrived at My-iClinic on the day of her Presbyond Laser Eye Surgery, she was filled with excitement and anticipation. For years, she had longed to be free from the burden of glasses, and today marked the beginning of a new chapter in her life. As she underwent the procedure, she was amazed by how simple and easy it was. The experienced surgical team guided her through each step with care and precision, making her feel comfortable and reassured throughout. Before she knew it, the procedure was over—it was quick, straightforward, and remarkably successful. As Sharon opened her eyes post-surgery, she was greeted by a world of clarity and newfound freedom, her vision sharper than ever before. With a smile on her face, she knew that this was the start of a brighter, glasses-free future.

Stepping Back In Time

After the operation, Sarah's emotions overwhelmed her as she experienced the immediate effects of Presbyond Laser Eye Surgery. "It's like stepping back in time just to see again," she exclaimed to Sharon, her voice filled with wonder and gratitude. The recommendation of John Bolger, a top laser eye surgeon in London, by an ophthalmic surgeon had been instrumental in her decision to undergo the procedure, and it proved to be a wise choice. Both Sharon and Sarah's procedures were successful beyond their expectations, thanks to the skill and expertise of Dr. Boldger and the dedicated team at My-iClinic. With their vision restored and their lives forever changed, they felt immense gratitude for the opportunity to see the world with newfound clarity and freedom.

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