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“Very grateful for the confidence inspiring and friendly experience from Dr. Bolger and his team. The warm and calm atmosphere in the clinic is very conductive to feeling relaxed and confortable. The cataract procedure in both eyes at the same time was miraculously pain free and successful. Iwould recommend the My-iClinic and specifically Mr. Bolger and his team very highly.”

Mrs. D R 15/03/2018

“I have to thank John and his staff for all the helps I have received not an appointment I would volunteer for but so glad I have had it done.
Vision is spot on.
Many thanks,
to all,”

Mrs. J J 31/01/2018

“Thank you very much for the care and attention, the only snag is I can now see all my wrinkles.”

Mrs. R. H. 14/12/17

“What a wonderful experience! After a lifetime of short-sight, my cataract surgery has not only cured that problem, but has given me vision like never before.
Your skill, care and capabilities is outstanding and I am highly delighted with the outcome. The whole experience my pain-free and needed so significant recovery time at all.
I would (and will) recommend this clinic to anyone in need of cataract surgery.
Many many thanks”

Mr. AS 14/12/2017

“I always look forward accompanying my brothers-in-law. Mr. J to the clinic, having a nice cup of coffee and lovely biscuits. In future if a develop eye problems, I will definitely come here. Cool environment and professionality.”

Mr. D. F. 21/11/17

“Calming, lovely staff very helpful fantastic service and brilliant result. Thank you!Am so amazet at my vision now wonderful and the colours!”

Mrs. A. ON 16/11/17

“A big thank you to all the staff for excellent treatment.”

Mr. W.M 15/09/2017

“From start to finish of the treatment this establishment and all merit are a credit to you all. Everyone is treated with dignity and respect and my wife and I are truly grateful for the excellent outcome of her treatment. The surgery practiced here is truly high class.”

Mr. J. CA 04/09/2017