“Thank you very much to you all for your kindness and help”.

Patient from North London, December 2015

“Very good service: punctual and caring. Patient is very satisfied, has excellent vision unaided and corrected. Very positive experience for the patient”

Optometrist from Edgware, November 2015

“Very satisfied and have made several recommendations. Wonderful not to have to go to Central London for those appointments.”

Anonymous, October 2015

“Excellent care on all fronts, from the reception to the doctors. I truly appreciate all of this & the advanced technology and equipment used at the clinic. Keep up the good work.”

Anonymous, October 2015

“You recently operated on me for right and left cataracts and I wanted to let you know that I am delighted with the result which has exceeded my expectation. Thank you very much”.

Letter to Mr Bolger from Dr J.A, October 2015

“He (my father) is very pleased with the whole process, from his initial consultation, the actual procedure and the aftercare. We sincerely thank Mr Bolger and his team for such an excellent and thoroughly professional service.”

E-mail from optometrist (Watford), September 2015

“I just wanted to thank Mr Bolger for the care given to my son-in-law—I think you will appreciate how worried we all were and similarly we are delighted with the good result received from his operation. Long may this stable eye pressure continue and we are all very grateful for the excellent job done so far.”

E-mail from patient’s relative, September 2015

“Patient is delighted with service, refused to wear specs following cataract surgery. She was very nervous about procedure, but said she was made to feel very calm during operation due to help of surgical team. It’s great to have somewhere to be able to refer patients to, as NHS is refusing so many cataract referrals. Just annoyed I haven’t been able to attend the last or next CET event. Thank you”.

Optometrist from Cheshunt, September 2015

“Fantastic! Even coffee is nice! Reception staff very sweet!”

Patient from St. Albans, September 2015

“Patient was delighted. Excellent service, very professional and very happy with the outcome”

Optometrist from Muswell Hill, April 2015

"My new eyes! It's a joy and blessing to have good vision after more than 60 years of nearsightedness.I am glad that Mr. Bolger told me very firmly that the purpose of surgery was to prevent blindness and that improved vision was a bonus. My bonus is huge! From the information on the website. Through the consultation with Mr. Bolger through the amazing surgery and excellent aftercare I can't fault a thing"

Marilyn, London

“Dear Mr Bolger, I would like to thank you so very much for giving me my sight back in my right eye and restoring my life back to normal. I am so delighted with the results it's as if you performed a miracle. I would also like to give my thanks to your nurses and staff for being so kind and helpful. I am eternally grateful”.

Boston, Lincs

Dear Mr Bolger
I am very delighted and thankful for being directed to you for the treatment of my cataracts and I have already recommended you to several people. My thanks and best wishes to the staff, who were very supportive and kind, which made the whole experience more comfortable.
Thank you for making such a difference to my world and I would like you to know that I value my improved vision very much.
I shall be visiting the optician very soon to arrange for new 'specs' but in the mean time I have found the temporary ones most helpful for reading.
My husband and I hope that you have enjoyed a joyful Christmas and we wish you and your staff a very Happy and Healthy New Year. With Kindest Regards.

Patient from Broxbourne, Herts

Dear Mr Bolger
My eyes are simply wonderful and I cannot thank you enough for your excellent surgery and, indeed, kindness. My sister was at first bemused, then disbelieved and is now ecstatic that you will give her 'new eyes' soon.I shall be phoning Sue to confirm where your wife's flowers should be delivered.
Once again, my grateful thanks.
Kind wishes.

Patient, January 2006

Dear Mrs. Fennell
Thank you for your letter and questionnaire, and would wish to offer you my apologies for the delay in returning the same. I was rather apprehensive, but the kindness, patience and efficiency from all at the 'My-iClinic' was gratefully appreciated.
I will therefore be pleased to recommend it to anyone in need.
Best Wishes to you all in carrying on the good work.

Patient from Ipswich

Dear Mr Bolger
Just a little note to say a very big thank you for your kindness and care given to my Dad last Monday. It was so reassuring to know that you were there and I do appreciate the time you gave to make us all welcome. What an efficient set up!
Dad has done extremely well and can see far more than he expected. I shall have to start behaving now he can see what I'm up to! Many thanks once again. Hope to see you soon.
With love and best wishes.

Patient from Wardhedges