Cataract Surgery £1700* per eye
1 Year of Glaucoma Treatment £395*
When you visit our clinic, you will receive the best care available, with close attention paid to every detail. All of our patients receive the same high standard of treatment, both before and after their procedures. Here at My-iClinic, our eye aftercare schedule is very thorough, giving our patients total peace of mind.


Emergency Consultation (same day or out of hours)
Laser Consultation
Laser treatment
£2250 per eye^^
Optical Coherence Tomography
Wavefront Analysis and Topography
Visual Fields
Year of Glaucoma Treatment
£395*(including pressure checks, OCT scan and Visual Fields).
Cataract Surgery per eye
£1700**(including Zeiss lens and post-operative care).
Canaloplasty (glaucoma) per eye
XEN Implant (glaucoma) per eye
£2100(includes 6 weeks aftercare).

Macular Degeneration Injections (cost per injection)

Yag Laser Capsulotomy
£395 per eye
Yag Laser Iridotomy
£395 per eye
Where a patient has many tests at a single visit the cost of all the tests and consultation is capped at £350. In this way any outpatient visit is never more than £350.
^ Due at the time of booking. The consultation fee will be deducted from the price of procedure if you decide to go ahead. We have a 48 hour cancellation policy where we are happy to refund your deposit, however after 48 hours you are more than welcome to re-book your appointment but we will not offer refund.
^^ The consultation fee will be deducted from the price of procedure.

* This covers a full year of glaucoma outpatient management, as many visits as required to control eye pressure and as many tests including visual fields as necessary. It does not include the cost of any surgery.
** This price covers patients for all post op visits, treatment of any unforeseen complications up to four weeks after their final discharge. Occasionally it is necessary to charge extra if the patient has a very complicated or advanced cataract. Such extra charges would be discussed in advance of surgery.

How patients pay for their treatment:

All patients, whether insured or not, are legally responsible to pay all the costs of their treatment.

There are three main areas our patients must pay for:
  1. Consultations – Paid for at the end of the outpatient appointment
  2. Tests – Paid for at the end of the outpatient appointment
  3. Surgery – Paid for before treatment begins
Uninsured Patients
Uninsured patients pay for consultation and tests before they leave the clinic at the end of their appointment. Uninsured patients pay for their surgery before going to theatre.

Payment by debit or credit card is preferred. These payments can be taken on the day when the patient arrives for surgery; cash can also be taken on the day. Large denomination notes such as £50s will be checked with a pen to ensure they are not forgeries.

Cheque payments must be cleared into My-iClinic account before the day of surgery. This usually takes at least a week. Bacs payments must similarly be cleared into the account prior to surgery.
Insured Patients
Insured patients, irrespective of their insurer, must have the payment of their consultation and tests pre-authorised. That means that their insurer has agreed in advance that they will pay for the consultation and tests.

Insured patients proceeding to surgery must have their surgery pre-authorised. That means that their insurer has agreed to pay the charges for their surgery.

It is the responsibility of the patient to arrange pre-authorisation with their insurer and to provide My-iClinic with the pre-authorisation code. If the patient wants My-iClinic to liaise on their behalf with their insurer a non refundable fee of £150 is payable to My-iClinic.

The patient must pay any shortfall where the insurer does not pay the full amount invoiced.