LASIK Laser Eye Surgery Cost London - From £50 per month

LASIK laser eye surgery cost London

Save you an average of £1,000

£2400/Per eye

Your consultation fee is inclusive of eye assessments and a private one-to-one consultation with our ophthalmologist

Surgery(£2400 /Per eye)

12 months interest-free finance

What’s included in my private consultation and treatment?

  • A FREE suitability laser check with our laser specialist (a comprehensive assessment of your suitability and how LASIK laser eye surgery will suit your lifestyle).

  • A comprehensive consultation with your dedicated laser specialist (inclusive of all eye assessment and eye scans).

  • Your LASIK surgery was performed in our private laser suite with your dedicated specialist and our friendly team.

  • Up to four FREE aftercare appointments with your dedicated laser specialist (inclusive of eye assessments and eye scans)

Thinking about splitting your treatment cost?

Finance available for LASIK laser eye surgery

We understand having LASIK to correct your vision is a great investment in your eye health and lifestyle. We offer 24 months interest- free finance to help make that investment become a reality!
You are eligible for our 12 months interest-free finance
  • Calculate your monthly spend for your ICL treatment

If you’re eligible for our interest-free finance, you can calculate your monthly spend so you’re always in the know with regard to payments for your laser eye treatment.

If you have any queries regarding pricing, you can get in touch with our specialists for a consultation today.

LASIK laser eye surgery couldn’t be more cost-effective!

Our London laser specialists save you an average of £1,000 for your treatment and aftercare appointments compared to other eye clinics.

Permanently correct your vision with our all-inclusive cost.


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