My-iClinic is London's newest and most modern eye treatment clinic. We provide cataract surgery, glaucoma treatment, laser vision correction, and a number of other procedures.

Conveniently located on High Road in North Finchley, our clinic serves a wide array of patients from across London and beyond. We have established ourselves as one of the top eye treatment clinics in Europe, and as a result, we are attracting an increasing number of patients from abroad.

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My-iClinic is the brainchild of two consultant eye surgeons, Mr. John Bolger and Ms. Bola Odufuwa. They believe that only a surgeon-owned, surgeon-run hospital can truly satisfy the needs of patients without the interference of finance-oriented managers. For this reason, all of the treatments offered at My-iClinic are the latest, safest and the best that contemporary ophthalmology can offer.

We also ensure that all of our treatments are affordable. Everything is fixed-price, so the patient knows in advance what their procedure will cost. And even if the post-operative care takes longer than planned, or if the treatment is more complicated than expected, there are no extra charges. The team at My-iClinic work tirelessly to source the best eye treatments from a huge network of professionals, all of whom work at the forefront of ophthalmology.

Our surgeons’ approach is broadly holistic, but with meticulous attention to the best proven surgical interventions, so patients can be sure that they are receiving the best current treatment in a caring setting. The senior surgical and medical team constantly travel to conferences and meetings, both to listen to new ideas and to teach their own. That said, don’t expect an aloof or distant staff; My-iClinic’s staff are the sort of professionals you can talk to with ease.

My-iClinic London may now be rated among the top eye treatment clinics in the world, but that fact has not prompted any change in the tenor at one of the UK’s most beloved establishments.
“Excellent care on all fronts, from the reception to the doctors. I truly appreciate all of this & the advanced technology and equipment used at the clinic. Keep up the good work.”

Anonymous, October 2015

“Very good service: punctual and caring. Patient is very satisfied, has excellent vision unaided and corrected. Very positive experience for the patient”

Optometrist from Edgware, November 2015

“Very satisfied and have made several recommendations. Wonderful not to have to go to Central London for those appointments.”

Anonymous, October 2015