Laser treatment £2250
per eye
Ready to find your focus? Refractive surgery is a vision correction procedure that changes the focus of the eye, improving its ability to see clearly at certain distances. If you currently rely on glasses or contact lenses to see properly, you are probably a good candidate for SMILE eye surgery.

Most people with ‘normal’ vision are either slightly myopic (short-sighted) or slightly hyperopic (long-sighted). Almost nobody has absolutely perfect vision, but people who fall within the ‘normal’ range can generally see fine without the aid of glasses or contacts.

In the past, people who were outside of this zone had to use glasses/lenses to focus properly at certain distances, but recent technological developments mean that laser vision correction is now a widely available, highly effective alternative. Refractive surgery is also incredibly safe – in fact, it’s probably safer nowadays to undergo a laser procedure like SMILE or Lasik than it is to wear soft contact lenses!

lasik eye surgery

What is SMILE?

SMILE (short for SMall Incision Lenticule Extraction) is a relatively new vision correction procedure that gives great results with a shorter period of post-op dryness than Lasik eye surgery. This minimally-invasive treatment works by removing excess tissue from the cornea, allowing your eyes to focus without any extra assistance.

One of the best things about SMILE eye surgery is that, unlike Lasik, it does not involve cutting a flap in your corneal tissue. As a result, the cornea is left stronger and less vulnerable to injury after a SMILE procedure than after a Lasik treatment.

What will happen during my laser vision correction procedure?

The SMILE procedure takes less than ten minutes. Upon arrival at My-iClinic in North Finchley at the appointed time, our reception staff will show you to our state of the art laser suite.

Once you have lain down on the laser trolley and your surgeon has moved you into position under the laser, the treatment will proceed as follows:
  • A drop of anaesthetic will be placed on your cornea to numb the feeling in your eye during the procedure.
  • A clip will be used to hold your eyelids open for the duration of the procedure.
  • You will be asked to stare at a blue light to hold your gaze in the right place. As you gaze at the light, the laser machine will manoeuvre you into precisely the right position.
  • Next, the laser machine will gently make contact with your eye. After that, the laser will start, taking about 27 seconds to finish working on one eye.
  • This procedure is then repeated on your other eye.
You will be on the trolley for approximately 7 minutes in total. Most refractive surgery patients notice an improvement in their vision straight away.

Please contact My-iClinic today if you would like to find out more about SMILE eye surgery. We look forward to welcoming you to our clinic!
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John Bolger Performing a Cataract procedure John Bolger Performing a Cataract procedure