1 Year of Glaucoma Treatment £395*
Glaucoma is a condition that requires very precise monitoring. Here at My-iClinic London, we provide expert glaucoma treatment that keeps the condition in check and prevents your vision from becoming damaged.

Not only do our glaucoma patients receive regular eye pressure and visual field checks, but their optic nerve and retinal connecting cells are monitored regularly too. If the patient’s eye pressure is not stable, they will need to attend frequent appointments; some clinics charge patients for each visit, so the costs can be unpredictable and may inadvertently penalize patients with unstable glaucoma. With My-iClinic, you pay for a whole year of glaucoma treatment, so you won’t have to pay extra if you’re visiting us more frequently.

What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a condition that causes the pressure inside the eye to be too high. If left untreated, this excessive pressure can damage the nerve that carries vision to the brain; in severe cases, this can lead to blindness.

Most patients with glaucoma retain good vision indefinitely. Modern glaucoma treatment is easy and very effective, focusing on the restoration of normal pressure inside the eye to prevent vision loss. Only a small number of glaucoma patients lose significant vision. If you have a close relative who has the disease, you have a slightly increased chance of developing it.

How is Glaucoma Diagnosed?

The earliest damage is detected using a laser measuring system called OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography). This measures the thickness of the layer of nerve fibres that carry the vision to the optic nerve.

This allows us to diagnose and treat glaucoma far earlier than was previously possible.

glaucoma treatment

Treating Glaucoma

Most glaucoma patients are treated only with drops. This treatment works by lowering the pressure to the target pressure for that eye. The target pressure is the pressure below which the doctor believes no further significant damage will occur; it is different for different eyes. Your ophthalmologist will tell you what your target pressure is and whether your treatment has achieved it yet.

If drops fail to achieve the target pressure, surgery may have to be considered. The surgery involves passing a very fine fibre around the drainage canal and tying it so that the canal drains more effectively.

This operation is called a canaloplasty. Increasingly, surgery is being offered as the first line of treatment for glaucoma, with drops administered added afterwards if necessary.

Glaucoma is for life.

Once you have been diagnosed with glaucoma, you will need to have the disease monitored for the rest of your life. Tests will typically be carried out every nine or twelve months.

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