Cataract Surgery £1700* per eye
Having a cataract no longer needs to be problem – in fact, it can be an opportunity. Cataract surgery is the most successful operation in medicine today. It is one of the true cures in modern healthcare. Once treated, the patient returns to a normal and full life; in fact, many patients see more clearly after cataract surgery than they did before the cataracts even developed.

Here at My-iClinic London, we put your spectacle prescription into your implant, meaning that you should no longer need spectacles once the cataract removal procedure is complete. Post-surgery, most of our patients are able to carry out daily routine tasks without the need for glasses, even if they depended on them beforehand.

The operation itself is now so sophisticated that it is normally carried out with just local anaesthetic drops. The technology involved is such that the cataractous lens can be liquefied and removed through an opening no bigger than 1.8mm. Better still, the procedure usually takes less than 10 minutes, meaning that recovery is rapid and the risks are very low. In fact, it is more risky to live with a cataract than to undergo private cataract surgery at My-iClinic London.

No one chooses to have an operation for the sake of it, but cataract surgery really does give patients a new lease of life. All research shows that cataract removal very significantly improves the quality of life of those who have had it.

If you have cataracts, My-iClinic can restore your vision back to normal. Our private clinic is conveniently located in North Finchley, London – please call 0208 445 8877 or request a callback to discuss your requirements with a member of our team. cataract surgery
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John Bolger Performing a Cataract procedure John Bolger Performing a Cataract procedure