Wet macular degeneration is now treatable. Injection of a special drug into the jelly of the eye helps to preserve the patient’s vision in most cases.

The people who were most relieved when this treatment arrived were first the patients, but the ophthalmologists were a close second:
“It was heartbreaking to watch the disease snatch away central vision from patients and to have to stand by helplessly. With these injections, we can watch the disease regress and the patient’s vision improve rapidly."

Miss Bola Odufuwa, consultant ophthalmologist and My iClinic co-owner.
My iClinic patients with macular problems have access to technology that allows the smallest retinal detail to be analyzed. Deterioration can be detected even before the patient's vision is affected – this is important, because early treatment is usually more successful.

If you would like to find out more about wet macular degeneration treatment, please call My iClinic on 0208 445 8877 or email reception@my-iclinic.co.uk.

macular degeneration treatment
John Bolger Performing a Cataract procedure John Bolger Performing a Cataract procedure